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Impulse Strength of Transformer Insulation With Nonstandard Waveshapes
While observing the impulse voltage distribution within a transformer winding, it can be seen that parts of the windings are excited by unidirectional and bidirectional oscillating voltages. TheExpand
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Dynamic thermal rating application to facilitate wind energy integration
The depletion of fossil fuel resources as well as commitments to lower the global emission of green house gases are driving many countries to make substantial investments in renewable energyExpand
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The oxygen electrode. Part 8.—Oxygen evolution at ruthenium dioxide anodes
The electrocatalytic behaviour of Ti-supported RuO2, prepared by thermal decomposition of RuCl3, as substrate for oxygen evolution was investigated by a variety of techniques. B.E.T. adsorptionExpand
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Effective model for prediction of impulse strength of oil-impregnated paper insulation under nonstandard impulse voltages
Statistical mean volt-time characteristics for oil-impregnated paper insulation of different thickness have been plotted with standard 1.2/50 /spl mu/s impulse waveshape. A generalized integrationExpand
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A case study on voltage uprating of overhead lines - air clearance requirements
Voltage uprating is a reliable method for increasing the power transfer capability of an existing overhead line. It is essential to meet the primary air clearance requirements for power frequency,Expand
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Fuel waste to fluorescent carbon dots and its multifarious applications
Abstract Herein, we report the fluorescent carbon dots (KCDs) from kerosene fuel soot via simple one pot oxidative acid treatment. The obtained KCDs were thoroughly characterized by pivotalExpand
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Nickel/metal hydride technology for consumer and electric vehicle batteries : a review and up-date
Abstract Nickel/metal hydride batteries today represent the fastest growing market segment for rechargeable batteries due to the high energy density and more environmentally acceptable chemistryExpand
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Development of advanced nickel/metal hydride batteries for electric and hybrid vehicles
Abstract Nickel/metal hydride (Ni/MH) batteries have emerged as the battery technology of choice for electric vehicles. GM Ovonic L.L.C., a joint venture between General Motors and Ovonic Battery wasExpand
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Lightning performance of 275 kV transmission lines
This paper presents a comparative lightning performance study conducted on a 275 kV double circuit shielded transmission line using two software programs, TFlash and Sigma-Slp. The line performanceExpand
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Significance of switching impulse breakdown voltage characteristics in voltage uprating
The voltage rating of overhead lines is determined by a combined consideration of the stress applied to the line and its electrical strength. In this investigation, the voltage uprating of anExpand
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