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The oxygen electrode. Part 8.—Oxygen evolution at ruthenium dioxide anodes
The electrocatalytic behaviour of Ti-supported RuO2, prepared by thermal decomposition of RuCl3, as substrate for oxygen evolution was investigated by a variety of techniques. B.E.T. adsorptionExpand
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Fuel waste to fluorescent carbon dots and its multifarious applications
Abstract Herein, we report the fluorescent carbon dots (KCDs) from kerosene fuel soot via simple one pot oxidative acid treatment. The obtained KCDs were thoroughly characterized by pivotalExpand
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Nickel/metal hydride technology for consumer and electric vehicle batteries : a review and up-date
Abstract Nickel/metal hydride batteries today represent the fastest growing market segment for rechargeable batteries due to the high energy density and more environmentally acceptable chemistryExpand
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Development of advanced nickel/metal hydride batteries for electric and hybrid vehicles
Abstract Nickel/metal hydride (Ni/MH) batteries have emerged as the battery technology of choice for electric vehicles. GM Ovonic L.L.C., a joint venture between General Motors and Ovonic Battery wasExpand
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Voltage dependence of the surface-molecule line in the enhanced raman spectrum of several nitrogen containing compounds
Abstract The Raman Spectra of nitrogen-containing compounds adsorbed on a silver electrode show a band in the 240 cm −1 region which has been attributed to the AgN stretching vibration of theExpand
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Two-dimensional surface properties of 2-methoxy ethyl oleate at the air/water interface
Methoxy ethyl oleate, a nonionic surfactant, has been investigated at the air/water interface for various surface properties by employing the Langmuir film balance technique. The ester forms anExpand
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Advanced materials for next generation NiMH portable, HEV and EV batteries
While Ovonic NiMH batteries are already in high volume commercial production for portable applications, advances in materials technology have enabled performance improvements in specific energy (100Expand
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Advanced Ovonic high-power nickel-metal hydride batteries for hybrid electric vehicle applications
In response to intense development of hybrid electric vehicles throughout the world spurred by energy and environmental concerns, Ovonic Battery Company has developed a series of high power batteriesExpand
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Preparation of Dispersed Platinum on Conductive Tin Oxide and Its Catalytic Activity for Oxygen Reduction
An investigation was carried out to find the optimum conditions for pretreatment of SnO/sub 2/ coatings and for chemisorption from aqueous platinum solution. An alkaline pretreatment, using 10M NaOH,Expand
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