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Quantum walks: a comprehensive review
This paper has reviewed several algorithms based on both discrete- and continuous-time quantum walks as well as a most important result: the computational universality of both continuous- and discrete- time quantum walks. Expand
Storing, processing, and retrieving an image using quantum mechanics
We investigate the storage and retrieval of an image in a multi-particle quantum mechanical system. Several models are studied and compared with corresponding classical digital methods. We consider aExpand
Processing images in entangled quantum systems
A novel method for storing and retrieving binary geometrical shapes in quantum mechanical systems is introduced and it is shown that the employment of maximally entangled qubits allows to reconstruct images without using any additional information. Expand
Discrete quantum walks and quantum image processing
This thesis proposes methods for storing and retrieving images using non-entangled and entangled qubits, and studies a case in which 4 different values are randomly stored in a single qubit, and shows that quantum mechanical properties can, in certain cases, allow better reproduction of original stored values compared with classical methods. Expand
Quantum Walks for Computer Scientists
  • S. Venegas-Andraca
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Quantum Walks for Computer Scientists
  • 16 October 2008
The purpose of this lecture is to provide a concise yet comprehensive introduction to quantum walks, an emerging field of quantum computation, is a generalization of random walks into the quantum mechanical world. Expand
A survey of quantum image representations
This paper gathers the current mainstream quantum image representations (QIRs) and discusses the advances made in the area and believes this compendium will provide the readership an overview of progress witnessed while also simulating further interest to pursue more advanced research in it. Expand
Efficient quantum-based security protocols for information sharing and data protection in 5G networks
Performance analyses and simulation results show that the proposed approaches are characterized with high security, efficiency, and robustness against several well-known attacks which nominate them as excellent candidates for securing 5G applications. Expand
Video Encryption and Decryption on Quantum Computers
The proposed method provides a flexible operation to encrypt quantum video by means of the quantum measurement in order to enhance the security of the video and enhances the security and speed of quantum video encryption and decryption. Expand
A study of heuristic guesses for adiabatic quantum computation
This work introduces a simple form of heuristics: the ability to start the quantum evolution with a state which is a guess to the solution of the problem, and explains the viability of this approach and the needed modifications to the conventional AQC (CAQC) algorithm. Expand
Quantum walks with entangled coins
We present a mathematical formalism for the description of un- restricted quantum walks with entangled coins and one walker. The numerical behaviour of such walks is examined when using a Bell stateExpand