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Molecular Species Delimitation in the Racomitrium canescens Complex (Grimmiaceae) and Implications for DNA Barcoding of Species Complexes in Mosses
In bryophytes a morphological species concept is still most commonly employed, but delimitation of closely related species based on morphological characters is often difficult. Here we testExpand
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Vernacular dominance in folk taxonomy: a case study of ethnospecies in medicinal plant trade in Tanzania
BackgroundMedicinal plants are traded as products with vernacular names, but these folk taxonomies do not always correspond one-to-one with scientific plant names. These local species entities can beExpand
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The forgotten Hermann Herbarium: A 17th century collection of useful plants from Suriname
The National Herbarium of the Netherlands houses a 17th century, bound herbarium containing 51 dried specimens from Suriname, which was composed by the well-known botanist Paul Hermann (1646-1695).Expand
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Efforts urged to tackle thriving illegal orchid trade in Tanzania and Zambia for chikanda production
Efforts urged to tackle thriving illegal orchid trade in Tanzania and Zambia for chikanda production
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Interfacial silicon oxide formation during synthesis of ZrO2 on Si(100)
The formation of interfacial silicon oxide accompanying the deposition and annealing of zirconium oxide films on Si(100) has been examined. Plasma sputtering of either ZrO2 or Zr was used and, priorExpand
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High-throughput sequencing of African chikanda cake highlights conservation challenges in orchids
Chikanda is a traditional dish made with wild-harvested ground orchid tubers belonging to three orchidioid genera, Disa, Satyrium and Habenaria, all of which are CITES appendix II-listed.Expand
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Intestinal strongyloidiasis as a presenting symptom of HTLV-1-associated adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma.
edwith dysphagia, severeweight loss, and frequent watery stools. He had emigrated to the Netherlands from Suriname 23 years ago. Apart from a cachectic appearance, the physical examination revealedExpand
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Quantitative market survey of non-woody plants sold at Kariakoo Market in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE In Tanzania, traditional medicine plays a significant role in health care and local economies based on the harvesting, trade and sale of medicinal plant products. TheExpand
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DNA barcoding augments conventional methods for identification of medicinal plant species traded at Tanzanian markets.
ETHNOPHARMALOGICAL RELEVANCE In Africa, traditional medicine is important for local healthcare and plants used for these purposes are commonly traded. Identifying medicinal plants sold on markets isExpand
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Trade in Zambian Edible Orchids—DNA Barcoding Reveals the Use of Unexpected Orchid Taxa for Chikanda
In Zambia, wild edible terrestrial orchids are used to produce a local delicacy called chikanda, which has become increasingly popular throughout the country. Commercialization puts orchidExpand
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