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The Paradox of Nationalism: The Common Denominator of Radical Left and Radical Right Euroscepticism
This paper asks what explains similar Eurosceptic positions between radical right and radical left parties. In answering this question, it focuses on the paradoxical role of nationalism as anExpand
The Golden Dawn's 'nationalist solution': explaining the rise of the far right in Greece
The emergence of Golden Dawn has been one of the key developments in Greek party politics since the beginning of the financial crisis. Sofia Vasilopoulou and Daphne Halikiopoulou assess the rise ofExpand
UK Euroscepticism and the Brexit Referendum
This article shows that key to understanding the referendum outcome are factors such as a profoundly eurosceptic public, high levels of citizen uncertainty, divided mainstream political parties onExpand
European Integration and the Radical Right: Three Patterns of Opposition
Abstract This article argues that radical right parties can be seen as displaying three patterns of opposition towards European integration: rejecting, conditional and compromising. These threeExpand
In the Shadow of Grexit: The Greek Election of 17 June 2012
This article provides an overview and analysis of the Greek elections of June 2012. Placing the elections within the broader framework of the Greek socio-political and economic context, it discussesExpand
The civic zeitgeist: nationalism and liberal values in the European radical right
This article examines the relationship between nationalism and liberal values and, more specifically, the redefinition of boundaries between national communities and others in the rhetoric of radicalExpand
Greece in Crisis: Austerity, Populism and the Politics of Blame
Within the broader debate on the Greek crisis, the theory of ‘populist democracy’ postulates that populism is fundamental to the sustenance of the Greek political system and is at the heart ofExpand
Absent yet popular? Explaining news visibility of Members of the European Parliament
Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) represent their citizens in European Union policy making, having the power to approve, amend or reject the near majority of legislation. The media inform EUExpand
Varieties of Euroscepticism: The Case of the European Extreme Right
The European extreme right has been understood as a monolithic entity regarding its Euroscepticism. Contrary to this, it is demonstrated in this article that in fact the extreme right adopts varyingExpand