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CHAT to Your Destination
In the past few years, we have been developing a robust, wide-coverage, and cognitive load-sensitive spoken dialog interface, CHAT (Conversational Helper for Automotive Tasks). New progress has beenExpand
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Generating Tutorial Feedback with Affect
Studies aimed at understanding what makes human tutoring effective have noted that the type of indirect guidance that characterizes human tutorial dialogue is a key factor. In this paper, we describeExpand
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CHAT: a conversational helper for automotive tasks
Spoken dialogue interfaces, mostly command-and-control, become more visible in applications where attention needs to be shared with other tasks, such as driving a car. The deployment of the simpleExpand
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Generation of repeated references to discourse entities
Generation of Referring Expressions is a thriving subfield of Natural Language Generation which has traditionally focused on the task of selecting a set of attributes that unambiguously identify aExpand
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Generation Components and Documentation for Prototype D4.5
The deliverable identification sheet is to be found on the reverse of this page.
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Interactive Question Answering and Constraint Relaxation in Spoken Dialogue Systems
We explore the relationship between question answering and constraint relaxation in spoken dialogue systems and develop dialogue strategies for selecting and presenting information succinctly. InExpand
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Instance-based natural language generation
This paper presents a bottom-up generator that makes use of Information Retrieval techniques to rank potential generation candidates by comparing them to a data base of stored instances. We introduceExpand
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POMDP concept policies and task structures for hybrid dialog management
We address several challenges for applying statistical dialog managers based on Partially Observable Markov Models to real world problems: to deal with large numbers of concepts, we use individualExpand
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The BE&E Tutorial Learning Environment (BEETLE)
We describe the architecture and the components of BEETLE, a dialogueenhanced Basic Electricity and Electronics Tutorial Learning Environment.
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Combining user intention and error modeling for statistical dialog simulators
Statistical user simulation is an efficient and effective way to train and evaluate the performance of a (spoken) dialog system. In this paper, we design and evaluate a modular data-driven dialogExpand
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