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A Review of Children’s Rights Literature Since the Adoption of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child
Children’s rights have become a significant field of study during the past decades, largely due to the adoption of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) in 1989. Today,Expand
Therapeutic Communities for Addictions: A Review of Their Effectiveness from a Recovery-Oriented Perspective
It is concluded that TCs can promote change regarding various outcome categories and since recovering addicts often cycle between abstinence and relapse, a continuing care approach is advisable, including assessment of multiple and subjective outcome indicators. Expand
The influence of supports strategies, environmental factors, and client characteristics on quality of life-related personal outcomes.
Results indicated that QOL-outcomes were significantly impacted by the availability of support strategies, living arrangement, status of employment and level of ID. Expand
Person-centered planning: analysis of research and effectiveness.
Analysis of studies suggest that person-centered planning has a positive, but moderate, impact on personal outcomes for this population of intellectual and developmental disabilities. Expand
Mentally ill offenders in prison: the Belgian case.
This study aims at summarizing and discussing the available knowledge on incarcerated mentally ill offenders concerning the screening and assessment for detecting mental health; the psychiatric expertise in order to evaluate the mental status; and the development and provision of forensic psychiatric treatment and care. Expand
Intellectual Abilities and Motivation Toward Substance Abuse Treatment in Drug-Involved Offenders: A Pilot Study in the Belgian Criminal Justice System
The pilot results demonstrate that nearly 50% of the participating drug-involved offenders display low intellectual abilities (SPM score definitely below average), and no to very limited correlations between motivational attributes and other variables such as the length of the prison sentence and the number of violent crimes are found. Expand
The Treatment Perspectives of Mentally Ill Offenders in Medium- and High-Secure Forensic Settings in Flanders
The study underscores the major challenge to create more opportunities to meet more opportunities for MIOs to meet their needs of self-determination in secure forensic treatment settings. Expand
Relationship between Self‐Report and Proxy Ratings on Assessed Personal Quality of Life‐Related Outcomes
Quality of life scores obtained from self-reports might not be the same as those obtained from a family member or direct support staff. The purpose of the two studies reported in this article was toExpand
Evaluating the inter-respondent (consumer vs. staff) reliability and construct validity (SIS vs. Vineland) of the Supports Intensity Scale on a Dutch sample.
Analyses of the inter-respondent reliability suggest that one needs to consider the source of information regarding needed supports carefully, and SIS users are provided with a wealth of information that can be used for multiple purposes. Expand
The role and experiences of family members during the rehabilitation of mentally ill offenders
The roles that family members play in the rehabilitation of their relative and review the families’ needs and burdens are explored, with a focus on strengths rather than an exclusively problem-oriented perspective. Expand