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Parametric localization of distributed sources
In this paper, we consider situations where the sources are distributed in space with a parametric angular cross-correlation kernel and propose an algorithm that estimates the parameters of this model using a generalization of the MUSIC algorithm. Expand
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Received-Signal-Strength-Based Indoor Positioning Using Compressive Sensing
We propose an accurate RSS-based indoor positioning system using the theory of compressive sensing, which is a method to recover sparse signals from a small number of noisy measurements by solving an `1-minimization problem. Expand
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A Survey on Behavior Recognition Using WiFi Channel State Information
In this article, we present a survey of recent advances in passive human behavior recognition in indoor areas using the channel state information (CSI) of commercial WiFi systems. Expand
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Wideband array processing using a two-sided correlation transformation
A new method for broadband array processing is proposed. The method is based on unitary transformation of the signal subspaces. We apply a two-sided transformation on the correlation matrices of theExpand
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Vehicular Node Localization Using Received-Signal-Strength Indicator
  • Ryan Parker, S. Valaee
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology
  • 19 November 2007
In this paper, we present a novel cooperative-vehicle-position-estimation algorithm which can achieve a higher accuracy and more reliability than the existing global-positioning-system-based positioning solutions by making use of intervehicle distance measurements taken by a radio-ranging technique. Expand
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On Minimizing Broadcast Completion Delay for Instantly Decodable Network Coding
We propose a simple online selection algorithm that efficiently minimizes the mean completion delay of a frame of broadcast packets, compared to the random and greedy selection algorithms with a similar computational complexity. Expand
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Minimum Broadcast Decoding Delay for Generalized Instantly Decodable Network Coding
In this paper, we introduce the concept of generalized instantly decodable network coding (G- IDNC) to further minimize decoding delay in wireless broadcast, compared to S-IDNC, studied in [1], [2]. Expand
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Delay Aware Link Scheduling for Multi-Hop TDMA Wireless Networks
This paper introduces TDMA delay aware scheduling for multi-hop wireless networks. Expand
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Multiple Target Localization Using Compressive Sensing
In this paper, a novel multiple target localization approach is proposed by exploiting the compressive sensing theory, which indicates that sparse or compressible signals can be recovered from far fewer samples than that needed by the Nyquist sampling theorem. Expand
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Reliable Broadcast of Safety Messages in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
We propose a topology-transparent broadcast protocol for vehicular networks that outperforms two existing protocols and provides reliable broadcast communications for delivering safety messages. Expand
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