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Biology, taxonomy and conservation status of the Short-tailed Green Magpie Cissa [t.] thalassina from Java
The biology and distribution of the Javan Green Magpie is document based on hitherto unpublished historical data and on the own fieldwork, and a novel species delimitation test suggests that jefferyi and thalassina deserve to be classified as biological species because their phenotypic divergence exceeds that found in many sympatric species. Expand
Interspecific Interactions between Primates, Birds, Bats, and Squirrels May Affect Community Composition on Borneo
The presence of vertebrate community structure that is ecologically determined rather than randomly generated is demonstrated, which is a finding consistent with the interpretation that interactions within and between these taxonomic groups may have shaped species composition in these communities. Expand
Breeding Biology of Javan Hawk-eagle Spizaetus bartelsi in West Java, Indonesia
Summary The Javan Hawk-eagle Spizaetus bartelsi is one of the rarest and least known birds of prey, regarded as globally endangered and confined to the last remnants of forests left on the denselyExpand
Relative status of two species of migrant sparrowhawks on Java and Bali, Indonesia
Systematic study of all available data on the relative abundance of the two species in Indonesia shows there is no evidence that changes in species composition have occurred. Expand
The Vanishing Act: A History and Natural History of the Javan Pied Starling Gracupica jalla
The Javan Pied Starling Gracupica jalla, a recent taxonomic split from Asian Pied Starling G. contra, has disappeared almost entirely unnoticed from its native range in Java and Bali, Indonesia; in aExpand