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The Ballistic Deployment of Asteroid Landers
The deployment of passive, spherical lander pods provides a low-cost, low-risk technique for measuring the (sub-)surface of asteroids and comets. In this masters thesis, we numerically investigateExpand
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Design and Reconstruction of the Hayabusa2 Precision Landing on Ryugu
This research focuses on the design and reconstruction of the first touchdown of Hayabusa2 on the asteroid Ryugu. Expand
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Lift-Off Velocity on Solar-System Small Bodies
The lift-off velocity is defined as the velocity at which a particle, moving tangentially on the surface of some arbitrary body, will lift off from that surface and enter orbit. A vectorial express...
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This paper provides an overview of the elements required for high-fidelity simulations of the motion of landers deployed to the surfaces of small bodies. Previous work on the motion of sphericalExpand
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Contact Motion on Surface of Asteroid
A comprehensive method for modeling the motion of a spherical pod at the surface of an asteroid is presented. Using triangular faceted surfaces, the largest features of the asteroid (global shape,Expand
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Dynamics in the Phobos environment
Abstract The dynamical environment on and about the Martian moon Phobos is explored. This planetary moon provides a unique dynamical environment in the solar system, being subject to extreme tidalExpand
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Near-Earth Asteroid Characterization and Observation (NEACO) Mission to Asteroid (469219) 2016 HO3
The Near-Earth Asteroid Characterization and Observation (NEACO) mission is a concept study proposing to explore the fast-rotating asteroid (469219) 2016 HO3, one of Earth’s few quasi-satellites. I...
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Parametric Study of Ballistic Lander Deployment to Small Bodies
This paper investigates the sensitivities of spherical lander deployment to small bodies. Previous work established methods to simulate the motion of such landers in the gravitationally andExpand
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Prearrival Deployment Analysis of Rovers on Hayabusa2 Asteroid Explorer
This paper documents the prearrival planning strategy and analysis for the deployment of rovers on board the Japanese Hayabusa2 asteroid sample return mission. Expand
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