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Determination of average molecular weight of dextran macromolecules by PMR spectroscopy
ditions of experiment No. I (see Table i), four fractions were isolated from the mixture: fraction I (71% of the total amount) consisted of pure 8-QSA; fraction II (16%) contained 87% 8-QSA and 13%Expand
13C NMR spectroscopy of amino acid mixtures. II. Amino acid composition of preparations based on liver hydrolyzates
Preparations based on pig liver hydrolyzates represent a complex mixture of free amino acids, peptldes, saccharides, and other natural compounds. Well resolved signals of the basic components of theExpand
13C NMR spectroscopy of amino acid mixtures
The development of the pulse technique of Fourier spectroscopy and the use of highly productive minicomputers have permitted a sharp increase in the sensitivity of the ~3C NMR method and itsExpand
Relationship between intrinsic viscosity and mean molecular weight of polyvinylpyrrolidone in the low-molecular-weight region
Radical polymerization of vinylpyrrolidone (VP) was carried out by us in a medium of isopropanol at 60~ with a low content of azo-bis-isobutyr onitrile (10 -3 M). The use of isopropanol as chainExpand