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Prediction of Combustion Instability with Detailed Chemical Kinetics
Abstract : Combustion instability in an unstable single element rocket chamber using methane as the fuel is computationally studied. Effects of the kinetics mechanism are examined by comparing theExpand
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Chemiluminescence as a diagnostic in studying combustion instability in a practical combustor
Abstract Prediction of combustion instability is essential in reducing development costs of large scale rocket engines. Recently, high fidelity CFD models have shown some ability to represent theExpand
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The use of OH* and CH* as heat release markers in combustion dynamics
The study examines chemiluminescence measurements and computations as a method of validation. Because chemiluminescent radicals are present in small concentrations and associated timescales are alsoExpand
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Kinetics Modeling of Hypergolic Propellants
Abstract : Multi-phase ignition of hypergolic propellants Mono-methyl Hydrazine (MMH) and Red Fuming Nitric Acid (RFNA) is studied numerically to understand fundamental processes such as gas phaseExpand
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Combustion instability modeling using multi-mode flame transfer functions and a nonlinear Euler solver
Modern methods for predicting combustion dynamics in high-pressure combustors range from high-fidelity simulations of sub-scale model combustors, mostly for validation purposes or detailedExpand