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The GSO projection, BRST cohomology and picture-changing in N = 2 string theory☆
Abstract We investigate in detail the critical N = 2 fermionic string with and without a global Z 2 twist. An analysis of BRST cohomology shows that twisted sectors contain massless ‘spacetime’Expand
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Feynman rules for superfields in N=1 and N=2 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theories on the light cone
This paper considers N = 1 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theories in dimensions d = 4 and d = 6 on the light cone. The N = 2 theory in d = 4 is obtained by dimensional reduction. The results areExpand
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Nonlinear sigma models with torsion and superstring compactification on homogeneous spaces
The quantum self-consistency conditions for string and superstring compactifications on homogeneous, nonsymmetric coset spaces G/R are studied from the viewpoint of two-dimensional nonlinear sigmaExpand
More about the (2,0) supersymmetric WZNW model in (2,0) superspace
Abstract We re-examine the action and classical symmetries of the (2, 0) supersymmetric two-dimensional Wess-Zumino-Novikov- Witten model in (2, 0) superspace. The (2, 0) super-Kac-Moody symmetry isExpand
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A new finite N = 2 supersymmetric sigma model with higher derivatives in four dimensions
A new finite N = 2 supersymmetric sigma model with higher derivatives in four dimensions is formulated. The action of the model is determined in N = 2, d = 4 superspace in terms of N = 2 chiral realExpand
Linearized N = 2 supergravity in terms of SU(2)-extended superfields
The linearized theory of N = 2 conformai supergravity is expressed in terms of a single irreducible SU(2)-extended superfield. In particular, in this way the origin of the N = 2 superconformalExpand
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Action for “generalized” superstring with torsion
The action is formulated for the N = 1 locally supersymmetric nonlinear two-dimensional sigma model with torsion. This action can be regarded either as the classical action for a Fermi stringExpand
Majorana-Weyl spinors and self-dual gauge fields in 2+2 dimensions
Abstract The properties of Dirac gamma matrices in a four-dimensional space—time with the (2, 2) signature are studied. The basic spinors are classified, and the existence of Majorana-Weyl spinors isExpand
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N = 2 Supersymmetry and the IrreducibleSU(2) -Extended Superfields
The structure of the irreducible SU(2)-extended superfields in the usual N = 2 superspace is investigated in detail. We derive the irreducible superfield contents of a general N = 2 scalar superfieldExpand
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