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BACKGROUND Treatment of localised renal cell carcinoma consists of partial or radical nephrectomy. A substantial proportion of patients are at risk for recurrence because no effective adjuvant(More)
2618 Background: HSPPC-96 is an autologous, polyvalent vaccine produced from resected cancer tissue. This trial investigates the use of HSPPC-96 versus observation in patients with RCC at high-risk(More)
3009 Background: Vitespen (formerly HSPPC-96) is a novel, autologous, heat shock protein (gp96)-peptide complex vaccine. The survival registry is investigating long-term efficacy of vitespen in renal(More)
4586 Background: Paclitaxel Injectable Emulsion (PIE; TOCOSOL™ Paclitaxel) is a convenient, ready-to-use, Cremophor®-free unmodified paclitaxel product administered over 15 min. METHODS As part of(More)
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