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Synthesis, design, and construction of ultra-wide-band nonuniform quadrature directional couplers in inhomogeneous media
A computer-aided synthesis design procedure is given for nonuniform quadrature directional couplers in inhomogeneous media. A wiggly geometry is used which effectively slows the odd-mode phaseExpand
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Nonuniform Line Microstrip Directional Couplers and Filters
Review of microstrip directional couplers and filters synthesis of non-uniform directional couplers design and construction of ultrawideband directional couplers sensitivity analysis for non-uniformExpand
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Evaluation of Maximum Power Point Tracking Techniques in PV Systems Using MATLAB/Simulink
This paper mainly focuses on the performance evaluation of "Perturb&Observe" and "Incremental Conductance" algorithms as the most commonly utilized two Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) techniquesExpand
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Novel microstrip multifunction directional couplers and filters for microwave and millimeter-wave applications
The design of a particular class of microstrip couplers and filters is presented. The synthesis functions obtained from the solution of first-order nonlinear differential equation of nonuniform linesExpand
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A simple MATLAB/Simulink simulation for PV modules based on one-diode model
This paper proposes a simple and practical simulation model for solar modules using MATLAB/Simulink. The model is based on a single-diode mathematical model of a solar cell and is capable of accurateExpand
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Analysis and Design of Conductor-Backed Asymmetric Coplanar Waveguide Lines Using Conformal Mapping Techniques and Their Application to End-Coupled Filters
The conductor-backed asymmetrical coplanar waveguide or micro-coplanar strip (MCS) line has been analyzed. The conformal mapping method is used to calculate the quasistatic effective permittivityExpand
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Design of a wideband microstrip bowtie patch antenna
A novel methodology is presented for the design of a wideband microstrip bowtie patch antenna of finite length placed on a dielectric substrate. The method presented is fast, computationallyExpand
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Bowtie patch antennas and simple arrays for wireless indoor communications
Several bowtie patch-antenna configurations are studied for their suitability for use in broad-band indoor wireless communications. A microstrip bowtie antenna (MBA), based on the design ofExpand
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Coplanar waveguide edge-coupled bandpass filters with finite ground planes
Finite ground plane coplanar waveguide edge-coupled bandpass filters which have no parasitic passband and low insertion loss are demonstrated. Two 5-section filters centred at 10 GHz with a 15%Expand
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A Hybrid Energy-Efficient routing protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
A new Hybrid Energy-efficient (HEE) routing protocol for wireless sensor network has been proposed. Expand
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