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Back-arc opening and the mode of subduction
Trench-arc systems (subduction zones) can be classified into two types depending on whether or not actively opening back-arc basins are associated with them. This suggests that subduction of anExpand
Tectonic Processes and the History of the Mariana Arc: A Synthesis of the Results of Deep Sea Drilli
DSDP Leg 60 drilled 10 sites on an east-west transect at 18°N across the tectonically active trench, volcanic arc, and extensional back-arc basin on the Mariana arc system. The analysis of theseExpand
Evolution of the western pacific and its margin
Abstract An evolutionary history of the western Pacific is presented by reconstructing the spreading systems of the region since Middle Mesozoic time on the basis of marine magnetic lineations,Expand
Short-term earthquake prediction: Current status of seismo-electromagnetics
Abstract Loss of human lives as a result of earthquakes is caused overwhelmingly by the collapse of buildings within less than a few minutes of main shocks. The most urgent countermeasure consists ofExpand
Heat flow through the eastern Pacific ocean floor
A total of 194 new measurements of heat flow through the eastern Pacific Ocean floor are presented. They range in value from essentially zero to 8.04×10−6 cal/cm2 sec. The crest of the east PacificExpand
Natural time analysis of critical phenomena
It is shown that κ1 becomes equal to 0.070 at the critical state for a variety of dynamical systems, including criticality models such as 2D Ising and the Bak–Tang–Wiesenfeld sandpile, which is the standard example of self-organized criticality. Expand
Electric and magnetic phenomena observed before the volcano-seismic activity in 2000 in the Izu Island Region, Japan
Significant anomalous changes in the ultra low frequency range (≈0.01 Hz) were observed in both geoelectric and geomagnetic fields before the major volcano-seismic activity in the Izu Island region,Expand
Fractal properties of medium and seismoelectric phenomena
Abstract Electrokinetic phenomena in a water-porous medium with a fractal structure above percolation threshold are theoretically investigated. Fracture zone with space-variable porosity isExpand
Analysis of electrical activity and seismicity in the natural time domain for the volcanic-seismic swarm activity in 2000 in the Izu Island region, Japan
[1] Seismicity and geoelectric potential changes, possibly associated with the seismic swarm activity in 2000 in the Izu Island region, Japan, are analyzed in the framework of the natural time χ,Expand
Plate Tectonics and the Japanese Islands: A Synthesis
The hot-spot hypothesis of Wilson and Morgan and the recent success in worldwide correlation of marine magnetic anomalies by Larson and his co-workers have enabled us to depict the Mesozoic andExpand