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Solubility of gold in arsenian pyrite
  • Martin Reich, Martin Reich, +4 authors R. Ewing
  • Chemistry
  • 1 June 2005
Although Au and As can be enriched up to the weight percent level in arsenian pyrite, there is little knowledge of their limiting concentrations and nature of incorporation. This study reports SIMSExpand
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Colloid Transport of Plutonium in the Far-Field of the Mayak Production Association, Russia
Sorption of actinides, particularly plutonium, onto submicrometer-sized colloids increases their mobility, but these plutonium colloids are difficult to detect in the far-field. We identifiedExpand
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The coupled geochemistry of Au and As in pyrite from hydrothermal ore deposits
The ubiquity of Au-bearing arsenian pyrite in hydrothermal ore deposits suggests that the coupled geochemical behaviour of Au and As in this sulfide occurs under a wide range of physico-chemicalExpand
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Primary haematite formation in an oxygenated sea 3.46 billion years ago
The timing of the origin of photosynthesis remains controversial. The discovery of ancient haematite crystals that formed in a jasper formation in Australia, which was created in a marine setting,Expand
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Seafloor hydrothermal alteration at an Archaean mid‐ocean ridge
A hydrothermally metamorphosed/altered greenstone complex capped by bedded cherts exposed in the North Pole, Pilbara Carton, Western Australia, is interpreted as an accretionary complex. It isExpand
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Direct identification of trace metals in fine and ultrafine particles in the Detroit urban atmosphere.
Exposure to airborne particulates containing low concentrations of heavy metals, such as Pb, As, and Se, may have serious health effects. However, little is known about the speciation and particleExpand
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The mechanisms of reduction of hexavalent chromium by green rust sodium sulphate: Formation of Cr-goethite
Abstract The molecular-level processes that control green rust sodium sulphate ( GR Na , SO 4 ) reaction with chromate were studied using high-resolution techniques. Changes in solid morphology,Expand
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Structural stability and phase transitions in WO3 thin films.
Tungsten oxide (WO3) thin films have been produced by KrF excimer laser (lambda = 248 nm) ablation of bulk ceramic WO3 targets. The crystal structure, surface morphology, chemical composition, andExpand
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Biotite dissolution processes and mechanisms in the laboratory and in nature: Early stage weathering environment and vermiculitization
Abstract Biotite dissolution in the laboratory and in nature was examined and compared to elucidate certain aspects of the weathering processes. Batch dissolution experiments of fresh biotiteExpand
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