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Continuous fixed-bed column study for the removal of nitrate from water using chitosan/alumina composite
Abstract A continuous adsorption study in a fixed-bed column was conducted for the removal of nitrate from water by using chitosan/alumina composite as an adsorbent. The effects of influent nitrateExpand
NSAIDs as potential treatment option for preventing amyloid β toxicity in Alzheimer’s disease: an investigation by docking, molecular dynamics, and DFT studies
All of the NSAIDs exhibited potential activity against Aβ fibrils in terms of predicted binding affinity, and Sulindac was found to be the most active compound underscoring the contribution of indene methylene substitution, whereas acetaminophen was observed as least active NSAID. Expand
Hydrolysis of microcrystalline cellulose using functionalized Bronsted acidic ionic liquids - A comparative study.
Hydrolysis of microcrystalline cellulose was studied with SO3H, COOH and OH functionalized imidazole based ionic liquid using 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride [BMIM]Cl as a solvent and the influence of temperature, time, acidity of ionic liquids and catalyst loading was studied. Expand
Effectiveness of reactive oxygen species generated from rGO/CdS QD heterostructure for photodegradation and disinfection of pollutants in waste water.
Among all the surface generated ROS, hydroxyl radicals was found to be the main contributor in the photodegradation and disinfection mechanism. Expand
Efficient conversion of glucose to HMF using organocatalysts with dual acidic and basic functionalities - A mechanistic and experimental study
Abstract Glucose conversion to 5-hydroxymethyl furfural (HMF) was carried out using either amino (basic), sulfonic acid (Bronsted acidic) or both the functionalities containing organocatalysts.Expand
An investigation on biosorption of nitrate from water by chitosan based organic-inorganic hybrid biocomposites.
The results show that chitosan based organic-inorganic biocomposites were effective, low cost, and reusable for the removal of nitrate from water. Expand
Alkylation of p-cresol with tert-butyl alcohol using benign Bronsted acidic ionic liquid catalyst
Novel and environmentally benign Bronsted acidic ionic liqs. with SO3-H functionality were prepd. using N-methylimidazole, pyridine, triethylamine and 1,4-butanesultone as the source chems. TheExpand
Zn-loaded HY zeolite as active catalyst for iso-propylation of biomass-derived phenolic compounds: A comparative study on the effect of acidity and porosity of zeolites
Abstract Liquid bio-oil formed from pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass needs further upgradation by C C bond formation reaction between the phenolic compounds and small oxygenates to retain theExpand
Mesoporous SAPO-5 (MESO-SAPO-5): a potential catalyst for hydroisomerisation of 1-octene
Mesoporous silicoaluminophosphate was assembled from microporous SAPO-5 secondary building unit precursors. The resultant material possessed both mesoporous channel properties and microporous wallExpand