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A linear relationship between electronegativity of 2′-substituents and conformation of adenine nucleosides
Abstract From the 1 H NMR studies of various 2′-substituted 2′-deoxyadenosines, a relationship between electronegativity of substituents and conformation of the sugar moiety was elucidated.
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Studies of Nucleosides and Nucleotides. XXXVIII. Synthesis of 8-Bromoadenosine Nucleotides
Direct bromination of adenine nucleotides was achieved by the use of bromine-water as brominating agent in the alkaline or buffer solution. By this method 8-bromoadenosine 2-', 3'-andExpand
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Polynucleotides. XII. Synthesis and Properties of Dinucleoside Monophosphates containing 8-Bromoadenosine
Attempt to obtain 8-bromoadenylyl-(3'-5')-8-bromoadenosine (BrApBrA) (III) by the condensation of N6, O2', O3'-tribenzoyl-8-bromoadenosine 3'-phosphate (V) and 2',Expand
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Polynucleotides. LXIII. Solution conformation of oligodeoxyribonucleotides containing an alternating dC-dG sequence which can form a left-handed double helix.
To elucidate the conformational properties and their chain length dependency in solution of oligodeoxyribonucleotides containing an alternating C-G sequence, which have been shown to take aExpand
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Abstract The structure of a lead ribozyme, which consists of two RNA strands, at neutral pH has been studied by NMR. Nearly all resonances of imino protons, base protons (H2, H5, H6 and H8) and sugarExpand
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1H‐ and 31P‐nuclear magnetic resonance studies on the conformation of d‐(CpGpCpG)2 and d‐(CpGpCpGpCpG)2 short helices in B‐conformation
Two short DNA helices, d‐(CpGpCpG)2 and d‐(CpGpCpGpCpG)2, in dilute salt solutions have been studied thoroughly by 1H‐ and 31P‐nmr spectroscopy as model systems for the calibration of nmr theory inExpand
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Studies on the structure and stabilizing factor of the CUUCGG hairpin RNA using chemically synthesized oligonucleotides
A tridecaribonucleotide, r-UGAGCUUCGGCUC, and two analogues r(UGAGC)d(UUCG)r(GCUC) and r-TGAGCTTCGGCTC, which form a hairpin structure with a four-base-paired stem and a UUCG loop, were synthesized by the solid-phase phosphoramidite method. Expand
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