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LZ4 compression algorithm on FPGA
This paper describes analysis and implementation of a LZ4 compression algorithm. LZ4 is derived from a standard LZ77 compression algorithm and is focused on the compression and decompression speed.Expand
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Realistic Passive Packet Loss Measurement for High-Speed Networks
Realistic and accurate packet loss measurement of production traffic has been challenging, since the frequently-used active monitoring approaches using probe packets cannot capture the packet lossExpand
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Appmon : An Application for Accurate per Application Network Traffic Characterization
Accurate per-application network traffic characterization is becoming increasingly difficult in the face of emerging applications that use dynamically negotiated port numbers. At the same time,Expand
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Cyber performances, technical and artistic collaboration across continents
Our objective was to verify whether modern computer network and audiovisual technologies can enable collaborative work between performing artists when they are distributed across large distances andExpand
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Using and Administering IPTA - The IP Telephony Accounting System
A solenoid valve for liquid and gaseous media whose valve closure piece or pieces (24) can be actuated by an armature (20') which is movable relative to the valve seat or seats (18, 19) is disclosed.Expand
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Quantification of Traffic Burstiness with MAPI Middleware
Networkloadmonitoringisuseful for networkplanningand performance problem troubleshooting.We can monitor network load in different time scales ranging from long-term averages to short-term peakExpand
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Real-time long-distance transfer of uncompressed 4K video for remote collaboration
Better-than-high-definition-resolution video content (such as 4K) is already being used in some areas, such as scientific visualization and film post-production. Effective collaboration in theseExpand
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SCAMPI: A Scalable and Programmable Architecture for Monitoring Gigabit Networks
Effective network monitoring is vital for the growing number of control and management applications typically found in present-day networks. Increasing link speeds and the diversity of monitoringExpand
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Evaluating Application-Layer Classification Using a Machine Learning Technique over Different High Speed Networks
  • S. Ubik, Petr Žejdl
  • Computer Science
  • Fifth International Conference on Systems and…
  • 22 August 2010
Application–layer classification is needed in many monitoring applications. Classification based on machine learning offers an alternative method to methods based on port or payload based techniques.Expand
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LOBSTER: a European platform for passive network traffic monitoring
Over the past few years we have been witnessing a large number of new programs and applications which generate prolific amounts of questionable, if not illegal, traffic that dominates our networks.Expand
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