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The Magnitude of Global Marine Species Diversity
The first register of the marine species of the world is compiled and it is estimated that between one-third and two-thirds of marine species may be undescribed, and previous estimates of there being well over one million marine species appear highly unlikely.
Epithelium—The Primary Building Block for Metazoan Complexity1
  • S. Tyler
  • Biology, Medicine
    Integrative and comparative biology
  • 1 February 2003
This work proposes how epithelia arose in the stem metazoan and suggests the underlying molecular markers of these junctions are probably universally present in all eumetazoan epithelIA.
Comparative ultrastructure of adhesive systems in the turbellaria
  • S. Tyler
  • Biology
  • 1 April 1976
Ultrastructural characters of the adhesive organs show that the Macrostomida and Haplopharyngida are related, and that the Polycladida, Rhabdocoela, Proseriata, and Tricladida arerelated, andthat these two groups of orders share a common ancestor.
Changes in mitochondrial distribution and diffusion distances in muscle of goldfish upon acclimation to warm and cold temperatures
It appears reasonable to assume that cold-induced rises in the concentration of enzymes in fish muscle reflect changes in organellar densities–changes which may serve primarily to ameliorate the effect of temperature on diffusive exchange between mitochondria and cytoplasm rather than solely to overcome catalytic limitation as is widely assumed.
Molecular systematics of the Acoela (Acoelomorpha, Platyhelminthes) and its concordance with morphology.
Parsimony and maximum likelihood analyses of the molecular data supported the concept that the Acoela is monophyletic; however, the gene tree produced by these analyses conflicts with the current taxonomic system for the A coela in several family-level groupings.
Antimicrobial action of the American cranberry constituents; phenolics, anthocyanins, and organic acids, against Escherichia coli O157:H7.
The antimicrobial effect of constituents of the American cranberry; sugar plus organic acids, phenolics, and anthocyanins, against Escherichia coli O157:H7 was investigated to determine the minimal inhibitory concentration, minimal bactericidal concentration, and log CFU/ml reductions, at their native pH and neutral pH.
Uniflagellate spermatozoa in Nemertoderma (Turbellaria) and their phylogenetic significance.
An ultrastructural study of Nemertoderma (Turbellaria, Nemertodermatida) has revealed that its spermatozoa have only a single falgellum. This is the first uniflagellate spermatozoon known in the
Comparative morphology of the body wall in flatworms (Platyhelminthes)
The neodermis can be seen as a special adaptation of a developmental mechanism common to all platyhelminths, in which epidermal growth and renewal are accomplished by replacement cells originating beneath the body wall.
The Acoela: on their kind and kinships, especially with nemertodermatids and xenoturbellids (Bilateria incertae sedis)
It becomes successively clearer that acoelomorphs are a “basal” but “divergent” branch of the Bilateria.