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Intoxicating stories: the characteristics, contexts and implications of drinking stories among Danish youth.
AIMS To study the characteristics, contexts and implications of drinking stories among young drinkers. METHODS Ethnographic fieldwork was conducted among Danish youth at a beach resort in Bulgaria.Expand
Nightlife tourism: A mixed methods study of young tourists at an international nightlife resort
Drawing on data generated through quantitative and qualitative methods, this article explores the prevalence and experiences of substance use, casual sex, commercial sex, and health problems amongExpand
Stirring up effervescence: an ethnographic study of youth at a nightlife resort
There is growing evidence that young tourists at nightlife resorts have a propensity for risk-taking. Based on ethnographic fieldwork at an international nightlife resort in Bulgaria, this articleExpand
Risk and transgression on holiday: ‘new experiences’ and the pied piper of excessive consumption
When British youth spend holiday abroad, they tend to engage in increased consumption of alcohol, drugs, violence and unprotected sex – collectively known as ‘risk’ behaviours. While numerousExpand
Party package travel: alcohol use and related problems in a holiday resort: a mixed methods study
BackgroundPeople travelling abroad tend to increase their use of alcohol and other drugs. In the present study we describe organized party activities in connection with young tourists' drinking, andExpand
Sexy substances and the substance of sex: findings from an ethnographic study in Ibiza, Spain
Purpose This article offers an ethnographic account of substances and sex, and how they are interrelated, in the context of one holiday destination popular among British youth. We write this paperExpand
Predictors of hangover during a week of heavy drinking on holiday.
AIMS To investigate predictors of hangover during a week of heavy drinking in young adults. Design Observational prospective study. METHODS A total of 112 young Danish tourists were interviewed onExpand
The Use of Tobacco and Cannabis at an International Music Festival
Background: Music festivals are known to attract a high proportion of drug users. Methods: Using a survey of 1,772 visitors at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark, we assessed substance use at theExpand
Drunken Environments: A Survey of Bartenders Working in Pubs, Bars and Nightclubs
There is evidence that bartenders play a key role in respect of the health and safety of patrons in nightlife environments. However, little is known of how bartenders themselves are affected by theExpand
The pleasures of drunken one-night stands: Assemblage theory and narrative environments.
BACKGROUND In this study, we use assemblage theory to investigate the link between alcohol use and one-night stands. METHODS The data come from qualitative interviews conducted with 104 youngExpand