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An inventory of active subglacial lakes in Antarctica detected by ICESat (2003–2008)
Abstract Through the detection of surface deformation in response to water movement, recent satellite studies have demonstrated the existence of subglacial lakes in Antarctica that fill and drain onExpand
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Basal mechanics of Ice Stream B, west Antarctica: 1. Till mechanics
Data from laboratory geotechnical tests on till recovered from beneath Ice Stream B, West Antarctica, at the Upstream B camp (hereinafter the UpB till) show that failure strength of this till isExpand
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Bioavailable iron in the Southern Ocean: the significance of the iceberg conveyor belt
Productivity in the Southern Oceans is iron-limited, and the supply of iron dissolved from aeolian dust is believed to be the main source from outside the marine reservoir. Glacial sediment sourcesExpand
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Positive Mass Balance of the Ross Ice Streams, West Antarctica
We have used ice-flow velocity measurements from synthetic aperture radar to reassess the mass balance of the Ross Ice Streams, West Antarctica. We find strong evidence for ice-sheet growth (+26.8Expand
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Rapid retreat and acceleration of Helheim Glacier, east Greenland
[1] A significant amount of the measured coastal thinning of the Greenland ice sheet may be due to recent acceleration of outlet glaciers. Using remote sensing, we measured two major periods ofExpand
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Basal conditions for Pine Island and Thwaites Glaciers, West Antarctica, determined using satellite and airborne data
Abstract We use models constrained by remotely sensed data from Pine Island and Thwaites Glaciers, West Antarctica, to infer basal properties that are difficult to observe directly. The resultsExpand
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Bacteria beneath the West Antarctic ice sheet.
Subglacial environments, particularly those that lie beneath polar ice sheets, are beginning to be recognized as an important part of Earth's biosphere. However, except for indirect indications ofExpand
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Changes in west Antarctic ice stream velocities: Observation and analysis
[1] We have produced a map of velocity covering much of the Siple Coast ice streams. The map confirms earlier estimates of deceleration on Whillans Ice Stream. Comparison with bed elevation dataExpand
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Basal mechanics of Ice Stream B, west Antarctica: 2. Undrained plastic bed model
Based on the results of our studies of the physical conditions beneath Ice Stream B, we formulate a new analytical ice stream model, the undrained plastic bed model (henceforth the UPB model).Expand
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Ice-sheet mass balance and climate change
Since the 2007 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fourth Assessment Report, new observations of ice-sheet mass balance and improved computer simulations of ice-sheet response to continuingExpand
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