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The Anatomy of the Grid: Enabling Scalable Virtual Organizations
“Grid” computing has emerged as an important new field, distinguished from conventional distributed computing by its focus on large-scale resource sharing, innovative applications, and, in someExpand
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The Physiology of the Grid An Open Grid Services Architecture for Distributed Systems Integration
In both e-business and e-science, we often need to integrate services across distributed, heterogeneous, dynamic “virtual organizations” formed from the disparate resources within a single enterpriseExpand
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A security architecture for computational grids
State-of-the-art and emerging scientific applications require fast access to large quantities of data and commensurately fast computational resources. Both resources and data are often distributed inExpand
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Web services agreement specification (ws-agreement)
This document describes Web Services Agreement Specification (WS-Agreement), a Web Services protocol for establishing agreement between two parties, such as between a service provider and consumer,Expand
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Condor-G: A Computation Management Agent for Multi-Institutional Grids
In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of available computing and storage resources. Yet few tools exist that allow these resources to be exploited effectively in anExpand
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A Resource Management Architecture for Metacomputing Systems
Metacomputing systems are intended to support remote and/or concurrent use of geographically distributed computational resources. Resource management in such systems is complicated by five concernsExpand
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Grid Services for Distributed System Integration
Increasingly, computing addresses collaboration, data sharing, and interaction modes that involve distributed resources, resulting in an increased focus on the interconnection of systems both withinExpand
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A community authorization service for group collaboration
In "grids" and "collaboratories", we find distributed communities of resource providers and resource consumers, within which often complex and dynamic policies govern who can use which resources forExpand
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Open grid services infrastructure (ogsi) version 1. 0
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The data grid: Towards an architecture for the distributed management and analysis of large scientific datasets
In an increasing number of scientific disciplines, large data collections are emerging as important community resources. In this paper, we introduce design principles for a data managementExpand
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