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The Anatomy of the Grid: Enabling Scalable Virtual Organizations
The authors present an extensible and open Grid architecture, in which protocols, services, application programming interfaces, and software development kits are categorized according to their roles in enabling resource sharing. Expand
The Physiology of the Grid An Open Grid Services Architecture for Distributed Systems Integration
This presentation complements an earlier foundational article, “The Anatomy of the Grid,” by describing how Grid mechanisms can implement a service-oriented architecture, explaining how Grid functionality can be incorporated into a Web services framework, and illustrating how the architecture can be applied within commercial computing as a basis for distributed system integration. Expand
A security architecture for computational grids
The unique security requirements of large-scale distributed (grid) computing are analyzed and a security policy and a corresponding security architecture are developed and an implementation of the architecture within the Globus metacomputing toolkit is discussed. Expand
Web services agreement specification (ws-agreement)
This document describes Web Services Agreement Specification (WS-Agreement), a Web Services protocol for establishing agreement between two parties, such as between a service provider and consumer,Expand
Condor-G: A Computation Management Agent for Multi-Institutional Grids
It is asserted that Condor-G can serve as a general-purpose interface to Grid resources, for use by both end users and higher-level program development tools. Expand
A Resource Management Architecture for Metacomputing Systems
This work describes a resource management architecture that distributes the resource management problem among distinct local manager, resource broker, and resource co-allocator components and defines an extensible resource specification language to exchange information about requirements. Expand
Grid Services for Distributed System Integration
The authors' work focuses on the nature of the services that respond to protocol messages, which provides an extensible set of services that can be aggregated in various ways to meet the needs of virtual organizations. Expand
A community authorization service for group collaboration
This approach allows resource providers to delegate some of the authority for maintaining fine-grained access control policies to communities, while still maintaining ultimate control over their resources. Expand
The data grid: Towards an architecture for the distributed management and analysis of large scientific datasets
This paper describes two basic services that it believes are fundamental to the design of a data grid, namely, storage systems and metadata management, and explains how these services can be used to develop higher-level services for replica management and replica selection. Expand
Security for Grid services
This work describes new approaches developed to support the Globus Toolkit version 3 (GT3) implementation of the Open Grid Services Architecture, an initiative that is recasting Grid concepts within a service-oriented framework based on Web services. Expand