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Metabolism of guanido-labeled (C-14)arginine in rats, mice, and man.
[6-14C]arginine, injected intraperitoneally into normal rats, was cleared from the plasma with biphasic decay kinetics. Urinary excretion was efficient (32% of the 25-muCi dose within the first 24Expand
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Effect of cromakalim and pinacidil on 86Rb efflux from guinea pig urinary bladder smooth muscle.
86Rb efflux assay was used to investigate the effect of cromakalim, pinacidil and P1075 in guinea pig urinary bladder strips. The type of K channel opened by cromakalim and pinacidil was determinedExpand
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[6‐14C]Arginine ([6‐14C]Arg) was used as an in vivo pulse label to study BALB/c murine LPC‐1 plasmacytoma synthesis and secretion of its tumour‐associated M component (IgG2a, k). With this isotope,Expand
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K-channel opening activity of ZD6169 and its analogs: effect on 86Rb efflux and 3H-P1075 binding in bladder smooth muscle.
Zeneca ZD6169, (S)-N-(4-benzoylphenyl)-3,3,3-trifluoro- 2-hydroxy-2-methylpropionamide, is a novel compound which relaxes urinary bladder smooth muscle in vitro. The effect of ZD6169 and two of itsExpand
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Calcium dependent K-channels in guinea pig and human urinary bladder.
This study provides evidence for the presence of large conductance Ca(2+)-dependent K-channels in guinea pig and human urinary bladder smooth muscle. A23187, a Ca(2+)-ionophore, increasedExpand
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Temporary disappearance ("eclipse") of LPC-1 plasmacytoma M component synthesis following tumor cell transfer.
The early phase of LPC-1 plasmacytoma development was studied by in vivo labeling with [6-14C]arginine using its M component (immunoglobulin G 2a,kappa) as marker. At a time when M component was notExpand
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Direct bone resorbing activity of murine myeloma cells.
The cellular mechanism(s) responsible for tumor-associated bone resorption in multiple myeloma remain uncertain. Both in vivo and in vitro evidence is presented for the direct resorption of bone byExpand
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Development and characterization of a cyclophosphamide-resistant mouse plasmacytoma cell line.
Murine LPC-1 plasmacytoma is sensitive to treatment with cyclophosphamide (CY), and animals bearing this tumor in advanced stages can be cured with doses as small as 60 mg/kg. With repeated transferExpand
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Hydroxyethyl starch serum levels in leukapheresis donors measured by modified periodic acid‐Schiff staining technique
Hydroxyethyl starch (HES), a glucopyranose polymer used to enhance the yield of granulocytes during leukapheresis, was detected by periodic acid‐Schiff (PAS) staining of 1‐microliter samplesExpand
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Modified technique for periodic acid-Schiff staining of glycoproteins on agarose-film electrophoretograms.
We have modified the periodic acid-Schiff staining technique for glycoproteins for use with thin agarose-film electrophoresis membranes. With this procedure, carbohydrate-rich proteins can beExpand
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