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Taxonomic study of the Japanese Dacrymycetes
An investigation of the dacrymycetous fungal flora of Japan was attempted, and 28 taxonomic entities were recognised, including five new taxa, i.e. Dacry myces ancyleus, D. aureosporus,D. Expand
Combined molecular and morphological data for improving phylogenetic hypothesis in Dacrymycetes
A new genus is proposed, Unilacryma, for D. unisporus, a unique species having predominantly non-bifurcate basidia and subglobose to ovoid basidiospores with transverse and longitudinal septa in molecular phylogenies of Dacrymycetes. Expand
Fungal successions on pine needles fallen at different seasons: The succession of interior colonizers
Seasonal shifts in the species combination were discussed with climatic and biotic factors and temperature at the surface of litter appeared to be a cardinal factor contributing to these seasonal changes in the succession of interior colonizers. Expand
A molecular phylogeny of Haptoglossa species, terrestrial peronosporomycetes (oomycetes) endoparasitic on nematodes
Results indicate that the genus Haptoglossa is monophyletic, and patterns of infection cell formation reflect more the phylogenetic relationship between the species than patterns of sporogenesis. Expand
The anamorphic genus Calcarisporiella is a new member of the Mucoromycotina
The result indicated that Calcarisporiella, which was classified as an ascomycetous anamorph, is a member of Mucoromycotina, and formed an independent clade separated from the other known orders of this subphylum. Expand
Host affinity and phylogenetic position of a new anamorphic fungus Beltraniella botryospora from living and fallen leaves of evergreen oaks
A new anamorphic fungus, Beltraniella botryospora, is described and illustrated with line drawings and photographs, suggesting that this new fungus might have strong host affinity to Quercus acuta. Expand
Coemansia furcata sp. nov. and its distribution in Japan and Taiwan
Coemansia furcata, isolated from forest soils of Japan and Taiwan, is characterised by its sporangiophore branching and relatively large sporocladia. Expand
Suppression of clubroot formation in Chinese cabbage by the root endophytic fungus, Heteroconium chaetospira
Root-colonizing fungi were isolated from a total of 663 root segments of Chinese cabbage plants grown in soils collected from wheat, rape, Chinese cabbage, and napier grass fields and comprised 18 genera and two septate fungal groups. Expand
Paeciloxazine, a novel nematicidal antibiotic from Paecilomyces sp.
A novel nematicidal antibiotic, paeciloxazine, isolated from the culture broth of a fungus Paecilomyces BAUA3058 strain has moderate cidal activity against Rhabditis pseudoelongata and is weakly active against some insects. Expand
Fungal successions on pine needles fallen at different seasons: The succession of surface colonizers
Field experiments were carried out to investigate influences of seasonal change on the fungal succession occurring on the surface of decaying pine needles at a moder site in Japan. At differentExpand