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Two new cytotoxic isomeric indole alkaloids from the roots of Nauclea orientalis.
A pair of new isomeric indole alkaloids, naucleaorals A and B were isolated from the roots of Nauclea orientalis and proved to be inactive in antimalarial assays. Expand
Mangrove Forests—The Importance of Conservation as a Bioresource for Ecosystem Diversity and Utilization as a Source of Chemical Constituents With Potential Medicinal and Agricultural Value
This presentation will review the utilization of mangroves in Southeast Asia (especially Thailand and the Philippines), the importance of the mangrove forests to maintaining the biodiversity ofExpand
Anhydrocochlioquinone A, a new antitumor compound from Bipolaris oryzae
Abstract In the search for antitumor compounds from Bipolaris oryzae, the coexistence of ophiobolins and cochlioquinones is reported for the first time. Of the compounds isolated,Expand
A new cytotoxic 1-azaanthraquinone from the stems of Goniothalamus laoticus.
A new 1-azaanthraquinone, named laoticuzanone A, and a synthetically known 3-methyl-1H-1-azaAnthracene-2,9,10-trione were isolated from the stems of Goniothalamus laoticus and showed the highest cytotoxicity against KB and HeLa cells with IC(50) values of 0.68 and 0.50 μg/ml. Expand
Reactive radical scavenging and xanthine oxidase inhibition of proanthocyanidins from Carallia brachiata
A new A‐type trimeric proanthocyanidin named carallidin is named, along with mahuannin A and p‐hydroxy benzoic acid, which exhibited radical scavenging against DPPH and superoxide radical and inhibited xanthine oxidase. Expand
Macrostachyols A-D, new oligostilbenoids from the roots of Gnetum macrostachyum.
Four new oligostilbenes, macrostachyols A-D (1-4) along with six known stilbenoids (5-10), were isolated from the roots of Gnetum Macrostachyum and showed the significant cytotoxicity to HeLa cells with IC(50) value of 4.13 μM. Expand
A limonoid from Xylocarpus granatum
A new limonoid, xyloccensin K, has been isolated from the seeds of Xylocarpus granatum, along with mixtures of steroids and long chain fatty acids and alcohols. X-ray crystallography has shown thatExpand
Kaennacowanols A-C, three new xanthones and their cytotoxicity from the roots of Garcinia cowa.
Three new xanthones, named kaennacowanols A-C (1-3) were isolated from the roots of Garcinia cowa Roxb and their structures were determined by spectroscopic analysis, showing good cytotoxicity against KB and HeLa cell lines. Expand
Identification of antioxidant compound from Asparagus racemosus
Roots of Asparagus racemosus were found to possess antioxidant property and racemofuran revealed antioxidant property against DPPH with IC50 value of 130 µM. Expand
New antitumour fungal metabolites from Alternaria porri
Of the new compounds isolated in the onion pathogenic fungus Alternaria porri, alterporriol F was highly cytotoxic towards HeLa and KB cells, with IC50 values of 6.5 and 7.0 µg mL−1. Expand