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Bankruptcy games
Bankruptcy problems are considered from a game theoretic point of view. Expand
Traveling salesman games
We prove that fixed-route traveling salesman games have non-empty cores if the fixed route is a solution of the classical traveling salesman problem. Expand
Game theory and cost allocation problems
We give a survey of cost allocation methods based on nucleolus and the Shapley value, and introduce also a new one, the so-called cost gap allocation method which is based on the I„-value. Expand
Cores and related solution concepts for multi-choice games
This paper extends some solution concepts for cooperative games to multi-choice games. Expand
Models in Cooperative Game Theory
Cooperative Games with Crisp Coalitions.- Preliminaries and Related Solution Concepts. Expand
On the irreducible core and the equal remaining obligations rule of minimum cost spanning extension problems
Minimum cost spanning extension problems are generalizations of minimum cost spanning tree problems in which an existing network has to be extended to connect users to a source. This paperExpand
The consistency principle for games in strategic form
We start with giving an axiomatic characterization of the Nash equilibrium (NE) correspondence in terms of consistency, converse consistency, and one-person rationality. Then axiomatizations areExpand
Cooperation in one machine scheduling
A combinatorial optimization problem can often be understood as the problem to minimize cost in a complex situation. Expand
Oligopoly Games with and Without Transferable Technologies
In this paper standard oligopolies are interpreted in two ways, namely as oligopolies without transferable technologies and as oligopolies with transferable technologies. From a cooperative point ofExpand
Cooperative games with stochastic payoffs
This paper introduces a new class of cooperative games arising from cooperative decision making problems in a stochastic environment where the preferences are of a specific type. Expand