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γ1-Pt5Zn21—a reappraisal of a γ-brass type complex alloy phase
Abstract The constitution of the γ-phase field in the PtZn system was reinvestigated. The samples were prepared from the elements in sealed silica tubes at 1320 K followed by slow cooling to 970 K.Expand
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Gold’s Structural Versatility within Complex Intermetallics: From Hume-Rothery to Zintl and even Quasicrystals
Recent exploratory syntheses of polar intermetallic compounds containing gold have established gold’s tremendous ability to stabilize new phases with diverse and fascinating structural motifs. InExpand
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Synthesis and Characterization of New AA′BWO6 Perovskites Exhibiting Simultaneous Ordering of A-Site and B-Site Cations
Six new AA′BB′O6 perovskites KLaMnWO6, NaLaMnWO6, NaNdMnWO6, NaTbMnWO6, NaNdCoWO6, and NaNdMgWO6 have been prepared. Each possesses the unusual combination of layered ordering of the A-site cationsExpand
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Structure–Composition Relations for the Partly Disordered Hume‐Rothery Phase Ir7+7δZn97−11δ (0.31≤δ≤0.58)
The crystal structure, its variation within the homogeneity range and some physical properties of the new zinc-rich, partly disordered phase Ir 7 + 7 δ Zn 9 7 - 1 1 δ (0.31≤δ≤0.58) are reported. TheExpand
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Structure and Properties of γ‐Brass‐Type Pt2Zn11—δ (0.2 < δ < 0.3)
The γ-brass type phase Pt2Zn11—δ (0.2 2σ (Io) for 293 symmetrically independent intensi ties and 19 variables. The structure consists of a 26 atom cluster which is comprised of fourExpand
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A solvothermal route to capped nanoparticles of γ-Fe2O3 and CoFe2O4
The decomposition of single or multiple transition metal cupferron complexes in organic solvents under solvothermal conditions and in the presence of long chain amines yields the corresponding oxideExpand
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Rhombohedrally distorted γ-Au(5-x)Zn(8+y) phases in the Au-Zn system.
The region of the Au-Zn phase diagram encompassing γ-brass-type phases has been studied experimentally from 45 to 85 atom % Zn. The γ phases were obtained directly from the pure elements by heatingExpand
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Crystal Structures and Stabilities of γ- and γ′-Brass Phases in Pd2–xAuxZn11 (x = 0.2–0.8): Vacancies vs. Valence Electron Concentration
To probe the effect of valence electron concentration (vec or e–/atom) on γ-Pd2+xZn11–x phases a series of compoundsPd2–xAuxZn11 (x = 0.3–0.8; e–/atom = 1.70–1.75) was synthesized and structurallyExpand
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β-Mn-type Co(8+x)Zn(12-x) as a defect cubic Laves phase: site preferences, magnetism, and electronic structure.
The results of crystallographic analysis, magnetic characterization, and theoretical assessment of β-Mn-type Co-Zn intermetallics prepared using high-temperature methods are presented. These β-MnExpand
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