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A Phytotron for Plant Stress Research: How Far Can Artificial Lighting Compare to Natural Sunlight?
Summary Plants have adapted very efficiently to their natural light habitat. Artificial plant illumination, therefore, requires careful design. Not only the quantity of radiation per area or volumeExpand
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Modification of global erythemally effective irradiance by clouds.
The role clouds play in the modification of global radiation is still a major uncertainty in the risk assessment of UV effects on ecological systems and human health. This study presents cloudExpand
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Conductivity response to intraplate deformation: evidence for metamorphic devolatilization and crustal-scale fluid focusing†
We present two-dimensional electrical resistivity models of two 40km magnetotelluric (MT) profiles across the Frome Embayment to the east of the Northern Flinders Ranges, South Australia. The lowerExpand
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The Lund-York-Cologne Calorimeter (LYCCA): Concept, Design and Prototype Developments for a FAIR-NUSTAR Detector System to Discriminate Relativistic Heavy-ion Reaction Products
The concept, design and prototype developments for the Lund-York-Cologne CAlorimeter (LYCCA) is presented. LYCCA is a modular device for the NUclear STructure, Astrophysics and Reactions (NUSTAR)Expand
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Spectral shaping of artificial UV-B irradiation for vegetation stress research
Summary Ecological plant experiments using artificial light sources require careful shaping of the spectral irradiance. This includes the steep UV-absorption characteristics resulting from theExpand
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Determination of the calibration factor of polysulphone film UV dosemeters for terrestrial solar radiation.
Polysulphone film is used as a personal UV dosemeter in dermatological or epidemiological studies. The relative efficiency of this detector does not exactly match the action spectrum as proposed byExpand
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Synthesis of nanosized silver particles in ion-exchanged glass by electron beam irradiation
Ag particles of 4.2 nm mean diameter have been formed inside a glass matrix, doped with silver by ion exchange, by electron beam irradiation of the glass cut into thin slices by ultramicrotomy. ByExpand
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An empirical method for the conversion of spectral UV irradiance measurements to actinic flux data
Routinely monitored radiation parameters, including those at UV wavelengths, most commonly refer to irradiance, that is the radiation incident on a flat horizontal plate. However, in the study ofExpand
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Measuring Spectral Actinic Flux and Irradiance: Experimental Results from the Actinic Flux Determination from Measurements of Irradiance (ADMIRA) Project
Abstract Results are presented from the Actinic Flux Determination from Measurements of Irradiance (ADMIRA) campaign to measure spectral global UV irradiance and actinic flux at the ground, beneathExpand
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Universal power electronic solution to low-cost rural electrification
This paper introduces a power electronic converter solution that is capable of providing rural electrification at a fraction of the current electrification cost. This saving could be brought about byExpand
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