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Hydrogen Peroxide as a Haemostatic Agent in Tonsillectomy Bleed: An Overview
3% Hydrogen Peroxide is a potent agent for antimicrobial activity and haemostasis when introduced in the tonsillar fossa post tonsillectomy when used in moderation, it is very effective in preventing blood loss.
Usefulness of the reflux symptom index in laryngopharyngeal reflux
It can be concluded that RSI is still highly valid in the follow-up for patients with LPR because of it can be easily administered and gives excellent validation for accurate results.
Relation between score for allergic rhinitis and immunoglobulin-E levels in the local population
Patients with well-defined trigger agents of allergy and positive family history of allergy are at a higher risk of allergic rhinitis as they have a higher IgE value.