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Isolation of an RNA-Directed RNA Polymerase–Specific cDNA Clone from Tomato
Antibodies that were raised against synthetic peptides whose sequences have been deduced from the ORF were shown to specifically detect the 127-kD tomato RdRP protein.
A single nucleotide substitution converts potato spindle tuber viroid (PSTVd) from a noninfectious to an infectious RNA for nicotiana tabacum.
The sequence analysis of PSTVd NT revealed a single nucleotide substitution from C-->U at position 259, which might be involved in protein binding and in viroid processing in both tobacco and tomato.
Heavy de novo methylation at symmetrical and non-symmetrical sites is a hallmark of RNA-directed DNA methylation.
The observation that the heavy methylation was essentially co-extensive with the length of the PSTVd cDNA sequences provided evidence that a direct RNA-DNA interaction can act as a strong and highly specific signal for de novo DNA methylation.