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Citrinin revisited: from monomers to dimers and beyond.
Detailed chemical analysis of the solid phase fermentation of an Australian Penicillium citrinum isolate has returned the known compounds citrinin (1), phenol A acid (6), dihydrocitrinone (7) andExpand
Polyenylpyrroles and polyenylfurans from an Australian Isolate of the soil ascomycete Gymnoascus reessii.
[structure: see text] An Australian isolate of the soil ascomycete Gymnoascus reessii yielded a series of cytotoxic metabolites, including the known polyenylpyrroles rumbrin (1) and auxarconjugatin AExpand
Calbistrin E and two other new metabolites from an Australian isolate of Penicillium striatisporum.
An Australian isolate of Penicillium striatisporum exhibited selective antifungal activity against Candida albicans versus Saccharomyces cerevisiae and a new example of this structure class, calbistrin E, is identified. Expand
Aspergillazines A-E: novel heterocyclic dipeptides from an Australian strain of Aspergillus unilateralis.
Biological and chemical profiling of an Australian strain of the fungus Aspergillus unilateralis isolated from a soil sample collected near Mount Isa, Queensland, revealed a complex array of metabolites displaying broad chemotherapeutic properties, including a unique series of highly modified dipeptides aspergillazines A-E, incorporating a selection of unprecedented and yet biosynthetically related heterocyclic systems. Expand
Gymnoascolides A-C: aromatic butenolides from an Australian isolate of the soil ascomycete Gymnoascus reessii.
Three new aromatic butenolides, gymnoascolides A-C (1-3), have been isolated from the Australian soil ascomycete Gymnoascus reessii and assigned structures on the basis of detailed spectroscopicExpand
Kibdelones: novel anticancer polyketides from a rare Australian actinomycete.
Kibdelones exhibit potent and selective cytotoxicity against a panel of human tumor cell lines and display significant antibacterial and nematocidal activity. Expand
Roquefortine E, a diketopiperazine from an Australian isolate of Gymnoascus reessii.
The new isoprenylated diketopiperazine roquefortine E has been isolated from an Australian soil isolate of the ascomycete Gymnoascus reessii and all structures were assigned by detailed spectroscopic analysis. Expand
Rugulotrosins A and B: Two new antibacterial metabolites from an Australian isolate of a Penicillium sp.
Two new antibacterial agents, rugulotrosin A (1) and B (2), were obtained from cultures of a Penicillium sp. isolated from soil samples acquired near Sussex Inlet, New South Wales, Australia.Expand
Isokibdelones: novel heterocyclic polyketides from a Kibdelosporangium sp.
SAR analysis on the isokibdelones further defines the anticancer pharmacophore of these novel polyketides and proposes a proposed biosynthesis requires a novel molecular twist that generates an unprecedented heterocyclic system. Expand
Quinolactacins revisited: from lactams to imide and beyond.
Carefully controlled and monitored decomposition studies have confirmed that quinolactacins readily undergo C-3 epimerization and oxidation, and under appropriate conditions convert to quinolonimide andQuinolonic acid. Expand