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Development of electrochemical biosensor based on tyrosinase immobilized in composite biopolymeric film.
An electrochemical enzyme electrode for dopa and dopamine was developed via an easy and effective immobilization method. The enzyme tyrosinase was extracted from a plant source AmorphophallusExpand
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DNA barcoding of Pentatomomorpha bugs (Hemiptera: Heteroptera) from Western Ghats of India
Recent studies from East Asia and Canadian National Collection of Insects have established the utility of DNA barcoding technique in identification of true bugs. The present study is an expansion ofExpand
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Glutaraldehyde activated eggshell membrane for immobilization of tyrosinase from Amorphophallus companulatus: application in construction of electrochemical biosensor for dopamine.
Tyrosinase from a plant source Amorphophallus companulatus was immobilized on eggshell membrane using glutaraldehyde. Among the three different approaches used for immobilization, activation ofExpand
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Revisiting DNA barcoding of true bugs of the infraorder Pentatomomorpha (Hemiptera: Heteroptera) from India
Abstract Cytochrome c oxidase subunit I gene (COI) sequences of roughly 509 bp length for various species of the Infraorder Pentatomomorpha were generated. K2P divergences within and between speciesExpand
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Electrochemical biosensor for catechol using agarose-guar gum entrapped tyrosinase.
An electrochemical biosensor using tyrosinase was constructed for the determination of catechol. The enzyme was extracted from a plant source Amorphophallus companulatus and entrapped in agarose-guarExpand
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Development of acid phosphate inhibition-based amperometric biosensor for determination of inorganic phosphate
The present study describes construction of amperometric biosensor for determination of inorganic phosphate (IP) using single enzyme acid phosphatase (ACP). A blend of biopolymers agarose and guarExpand
Compactant strain localization in an anisotropic sandstone inferred from X-ray CT imaging
Strain localization refers to the appearance of a local discontinuity in the velocity gradient across a surface bounding a zone undergoing deformation while the surrounding volume remains intact.Expand
Influence of methylation on the bacterial efflux pump-inducing property of triclosan.