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The Urbi Universal Platform for Robotics
Robots can free humankind from everyday chores, they can entertain us, and even educate our children. They can carry loads, walk, dance, sing, and express emotions. Hundreds of different robots areExpand
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GLADE: a framework for building large object-oriented real-time distributed systems
  • L. Pautet, S. Tardieu
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings Third IEEE International Symposium on…
  • 15 March 2000
This paper describes how GLADE, our implementation of the Ada 95 Distributed Systems Annex, can be used to build large object-oriented real-time distributed systems. In addition to the powerfulExpand
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Inside the Distributed Systems Annex
The current Ada revision tries as much as possible to provide the programmer with an easy way to build distributed systems; in many cases, the programmer can easily modify its monolithic applicationExpand
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Glade une implementation de l'annexe des systemes repartis d'ada 95
D'ordinateurs imposants equipes de peripheriques d'entree-sortie elementaires, nous sommes arrives, en une cinquantaine d'annees, a des systemes parfois miniaturises a l'extreme dont une desExpand
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What future for the distributed systems annex?
In this paper, we report our experience as implementors and users of the Ada 95 Distributed Systems Annex (annex E of the Ada reference manual). We identify the principal strengths and weaknesses ofExpand
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GARLIC: generic Ada reusable library for interpartition communication
This paper presents an implementation of the distributed programming features of Ada 95 within the GNAT system. The work we describe is the result of an international collaboration whose goal is toExpand
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CORBA & DSA: Divorce or Marriage?
This paper presents a comparison between CORBA and the Ada 95 Distributed Systems Annex. We also focus on the latest developments made by the ENST research team to GLADE that are related to CORBAExpand
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PARIS - Partitioned Ada for Remotely Invoked Services
This paper presents our experience implementing the Ada 95 Annex E to support distributed systems using the GNAT compiler[6]. The work has been performed by a multinational team from France and theExpand
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Debugging distributed applications with replay capabilities
This paper focuses on the latest developments made by the ENS T research team to GLADE, the implementation of the Distribut ed Systems Annex for the GNAT Ada95 compiler; we have extended GLADE’sExpand
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Building Modern Distributed Systems
Ada 95 has been the first standardized language to include distribution in the core language itself. However, the set of features required by the Distributed Systems Annex of the Reference Manual isExpand
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