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Coexistence of hereditary coproporphyria with acute intermittent porphyria.
The results obtained suggest that deficiency of porphobilinogen deaminase and coproporphyrinogen oxidase can be inherited independently. Expand
New missense mutation in the human ferrochelatase gene in a family with erythropoietic protoporphyria: functional studies and correlation of genotype and phenotype.
The results indicate a possible link between the “null-allele” mutations in the FECH gene and liver complications in EPP, and allow prediction of the pathogenesis of EPP. Expand
Heme arginate (Normosang) in the treatment of attacks of acute hepatic porphyrias.
The treatment with heme arginate of 47 attacks of acute hepatic porphyrias are presented. Distribution of patients into three groups of severity has shown that the best clinical response is obtainedExpand
[Porphyrin fluorescence in plasma of various types of porphyria].
It was found that the excitation and emission wavelengths at which maximum fluorescence is seen may help to diagnose and differentiate PV and EPP. Expand
[Social problems of porphyria].
It was find that Dolargan (Pethidine) is too often applied to the patients in remission and the warning that drug dependence will arise very easy in patients with porphyria was made. Expand
[Factors inducing clinical symptoms of acute hepatic porphyria 1986-1990].
Porphyria attacks in carriers of this metabolic error is lack of porphyria considering in the differential diagnosis of abdominal pains, polyneuropathy and vague mental disorders, which leads to erroneous treatment worsening the course and prognosis of the disease. Expand