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Education, meritocracy and the global war for talent
Talk of the rise of a global war for talent and emergence of a new global meritocracy has spread from the literature on human resource management to shape nation‐state discourse on managed migrationExpand
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The positivity imperative: a critical look at the ‘new’ youth development movement
The field of youth development, long given over to discussions of youth as a time of storm and stress, raging hormones and problem behavior, has increasingly turned to look at the ‘sunny side’ ofExpand
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Bad attitude? Migrant workers, meat processing work and the local unemployed in a peripheral region of the UK
In the context of financial crisis and recession, concern has grown in the UK and elsewhere over the relationship between labour immigration and indigenous unemployment. This article argues that, toExpand
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Youth Rising?: The Politics of Youth in the Global Economy
Over the last decade, «youth» has become increasingly central to policy, development, media and public debates and conflicts across the world ­ whether as an ideological symbol, social category orExpand
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Is 'opting out' really an answer? Schools, militarism and the counter-recruitment movement in post-September 11 United States at war
Introduction: Opt Out! AS THE UNITED STATES HEADS INTO YEAR FIVE OF ITS "WAR ON TERRORISM" and year three of its War in Iraq, one of the most visible segments of the antiwar resistance at home hasExpand
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In the best interests of youth or neoliberalism? The World Bank and the New Global Youth Empowerment Project
Youth, and youth employment especially, have jumped to the forefront of the international development agenda, driven by new funding and reporting priorities of the World Bank and allied internationalExpand
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Youth at work : the unionized fast-food and grocery workplace
Preface Acknowledgments Introduction Part I: Youth and Work 1. Dead Ends 2. On the Front Lines of the Service Sector Part II: Youth in the Workplace 3. Store-Level Solidarities 4. Age in the GroceryExpand
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Postcapitalism: a guide to our future
At the time of writing, the headlines are dominated by Brexit and a phone game called Pokemon Go. A reading of Postcapitalism: A Guide to our Future suggests both events are signals of the sameExpand
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Points of Prejudice: Education-Based Discrimination in Canada's Immigration System
Abstract:  Education and skill are increasingly used by states around the world as a central organizing principle in the regulation of migration flows. Immigration theorists have often claimed thatExpand
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Putting school commercialism in context: a global history of Junior Achievement Worldwide
The literature on school commercialism, despite a number of successes in battling advertising and marketing in schools, has often seemed to only scratch the surface of corporatization of K‐12Expand
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