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Silk Gland Factor-1 Involved in the Regulation of Bombyx Sericin-1 Gene Contains Fork Head Motif (*)
Silk gland factor-1 (SGF-1) regulates transcription of the Bombyx sericin-1 gene via interaction with the SA site. In this study, two related SGF-1 polypeptides of apparent molecular masses of 40 andExpand
Transcriptional regulatory elements in the upstream and intron of the fibroin gene bind three specific factors POU-M1, Bm Fkh and FMBP-1.
The transcriptional modulator in the fibroin gene intron is composed of multiple octamer-like AT-rich elements, to which several specific DNA-binding proteins named fibroin-modulator-binding proteinsExpand
Structure and expression of the gene encoding a Broad-Complex homolog in the silkworm, Bombyx mori.
The steroid hormone ecdysone (20-hydroxyexdysone) initiates metamorphosis and also larval ecdysis in many insects by activating a cascade of genes that includes primary response genes (early genes),Expand
Molecular cloning of a POU domain-containing factor involved in the regulation of the Bombyx sericin-1 gene.
The POU domain is a highly conserved region found in a number of transcription factors and products of developmental control genes. We report here the isolation and characterization of a POUExpand
Transcription signals and protein binding sites for sericin gene transcription in vitro.
Using nuclear extracts from Bombyx mori middle silk glands (MSG) where the sericin-1 (Ser-1) mRNA is produced specifically, we have studied the in vitro transcription of the Ser-1 gene. To determineExpand
cDNA structure and expression of bombyxin, an insulin-like brain secretory peptide of the silkmoth Bombyx mori.
Bombyxin, previously referred to as 4K-prothoracicotropic hormone, is a brain peptide of the silkmoth Bombyx mori, the amino acid sequence of which shows considerable homology with vertebrate insulinExpand
Silk Gland Factor-2, Involved in Fibroin Gene Transcription, Consists of LIM Homeodomain, LIM-interacting, and Single-stranded DNA-binding Proteins*
Background: Silk gland factor-2 (SGF-2) is a key factor regulating tissue-specific expression of the fibroin gene. Results: SGF-2 is a 1.1-MDa heteromeric complex containing Awh, Ldb, Lcaf, andExpand
Fibroin-modulator-binding protein-1 (FMBP-1) contains a novel DNA-binding domain, repeats of the score and three amino acid peptide (STP), conserved from Caenorhabditis elegans to humans
The predicted transcriptional regulatory factor for the fibroin gene of the silkworm Bombyx mori, fibroin-modulator-binding protein-1 (FMBP-1), was purified by sequential DNA affinity columnExpand
The DNA binding of insect Fork head factors is strongly influenced by the negative cooperation of neighbouring bases.
The Drosophila melanogaster Fork head and Bombyx mori SGF1/Fork head proteins are key regulators of tissue specific gene expression in the modified larval labial glands. Here we use the competitiveExpand
A contribution of the core‐promoter and its surrounding regions to the preferential transcription of the fibroin gene in posterior silk gland extracts.
Complementation of a posterior silk gland (psg) extract to a HeLa cell extract specifically enhances the transcription of the Bombyx mori fibroin gene. To map the regions responsible for thisExpand