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A Recurrent Neural-Network-Based Sensor and Actuator Fault Detection and Isolation for Nonlinear Systems With Application to the Satellite's Attitude Control Subsystem
This paper presents a robust fault detection and isolation (FDI) scheme for a general class of nonlinear systems using a neural-network-based observer strategy. Expand
Hybrid System State Tracking and Fault Detection Using Particle Filters
  • S. Tafazoli, Xuehong Sun
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology
  • 16 October 2006
We develop an algorithm for tracking the states of hybrid systems where fault detection is modeled as a special case of the state tracking of a hybrid system. Expand
Dynamic neural network-based estimator for fault diagnosis in reaction wheel actuator of satellite attitude control system
This paper presents an approach to simultaneous fault detection and isolation in the reaction wheel actuator of the satellite attitude control system based on a model-based adaptive nonlinear parameter estimation technique. Expand
Parameter Estimation-Based Fault Detection, Isolation and Recovery for Nonlinear Satellite Models
This brief is concerned with the problem of nonlinear fault detection, isolation, and recovery (FDIR) for the satellite's orbital and attitude models through construction of residual generators that are based on least-squares parameter estimation techniques. Expand
Nonlinear control and stability analysis of spacecraft attitude recovery
The problem of automated attitude recovery of rigid and flexible spacecraft is investigated using feedback linearization control and a novel approach for generating the control error signal based onExpand
Two-stage energy-optimal formation reconfiguration strategy
In this paper, the concept of two-stage energy-optimal reconfiguration strategy for formation flying of autonomous agents is presented. Expand
On the structural controllability of multi-agent systems subject to failure: A graph-theoretic approach
This paper considers the structural controllability of a leader-follower multi-agent system. Expand
State Synchronization of Networked Euler-Lagrange Systems with Switching Communication Topologies Subject to Actuator Faults
Abstract Reconfigurable control of networked heterogeneous Euler-Lagrange (EL) systems subject to actuator faults is considered in this paper. It is assumed that the communication network isExpand
Reconfigurable Synchronization Control of Networked Euler‐Lagrange Systems with Switching Communication Topologies
In this paper, a methodology is proposed for the design of reconfigurable control of networked heterogeneous Euler-Lagrange systems subject to actuator faults. It is assumed that the underlyingExpand
Quaternion-Based Attitude Synchronization and Tracking for Spacecraft Formation Subject to Sensor and Actuator Constraints ¤Constraints
Two constrained algorithms for attitude synchronization and tracking of multiple SC in a formation are proposed in this work. The flrst algorithm requires feedback and exchange of angular velocityExpand