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Ultrasonographic measurement of median nerve cross‐sectional area in idiopathic carpal tunnel syndrome: Diagnostic accuracy
Severity‐correlated enlargement of the median nerve occurs in idiopathic carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). We determined whether measurement of the nerve cross‐sectional area was useful in making theExpand
Restricted Motion of the Median Nerve in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Motion of the median nerve was compared on an axial ultrasonographic image in the mid-carpal tunnel in 30 wrists of 15 women with bilateral idiopathic carpal tunnel syndrome and 30 wrists of 15Expand
Ultrasonographically assisted carpal tunnel release.
An operative technique of carpal tunnel release using intraoperative ultrasonography is described. In this technique, "safe line" is defined in the transverse carpal ligament and the adjacent deepExpand
Enlarged median nerve in idiopathic carpal tunnel syndrome
To delineate change in median nerve size in carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), we compared ultrasonograms of nerve cross‐sections from patients (201 wrists of 125 women with idiopathic CTS) and controlsExpand
Percutaneous carpal tunnel release compared with mini-open release using ultrasonographic guidance for both techniques.
PURPOSE To compare the outcomes of percutaneous carpal tunnel release (PCTR) and mini-open carpal tunnel release (mini-OCTR) using ultrasonographic guidance for both techniques. METHODS We includedExpand
Unilateral Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Space-Occupying Lesions
To assess the association between unilateral carpal tunnel syndrome and space-occupying lesions, 128 patients have been reviewed. They were divided into bilateral, subclinical (unilateral signs andExpand
Acute Paraspinal Muscle Compartment Syndrome Treated with Surgical Decompression
A 25-year-old man who went surfboarding every weekend had left low back pain for several months. Bed rest and analgesics relieved the pain, and he did not seek treatment for his condition. After aExpand
Transverse Sliding of the Median Nerve Beneath the Flexor Retinaculum
Transverse sliding of the median nerve beneath the flexor retinaculum during active-resistant flexion of the fingers was sonographically demonstrated. Although it is a physiological phenomenon, itExpand
Histology of the transverse carpal ligament and flexor tenosynovium in idiopathic carpal tunnel syndrome.
Histology of the transverse carpal ligament and flexor tenosynovium was investigated in 166 wrists from 130 patients with idiopathic carpal tunnel syndrome. Nine wrists from 9 controls were used forExpand
Ganglion-Associated Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome Treated by Ultrasonographically Assisted aspiration and Splinting
We describe a case of ulnar nerve compression at the wrist due to a ganglion. This was treated by aspiration of the ganglion under ultrasonography and splinting because the patient was pregnant. TheExpand