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Enhanced Environments: Large-Scale, Real-Time Ecosystems
This research proposes a new method for using real-time information to support large-scale, climatic virtual environments that exhibit natural eco-behavioral conditions. Expand
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Guest Editors' Introduction: Virtual Heritage-Breathing New Life into Our Ancient Past
This special issue on virtual heritage features a survey on emerging trends in the field, articles on tools for building virtual heritage, applications of interpretive environments, and a look at what's next in virtual heritage. Expand
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The Living Virtual Kinka Kuji Temple: A Dynamic Environment
Our research uses the natural computing power of emergent properties and chaos found in live data streams to bring a "living" element into a heritage environment to control artificial life and climatic environmental changes. Expand
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Virtual Great Barrier Reef: A Theoretical Approach Towards an Evolving, Interactive VR Environment Using a Distributed DOME and CAVE System
The Australian Great Barrier Reef is a natural wonder of our world and a registered UNESCO World Heritage site hosting 1.5 million visitor-days in 1994/95. Expand
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Real-time interactive graphics
This issue, we are pleased to have Scot Refsland, Executive Officer of the International Society on Virtual Systems and MultiMedia (VSMM) present an overview of nine projects in this area. Expand
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Guest Editors' Introduction
Over the last 15 years, with progress in computer graphics and virtual systems, multimedia and the internet, and technologies for imaging and sensing, the field we now know as “Virtual Heritage” emerged. Expand