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Detection of Wheat Rust Resistance Genes in some Iranian Wheat Genotypes by Molecular Markers
قيقحت نيا رد روضح مدع و روضح 18 نژ زا نژ هوهق گنز هب تمواقم ياه يا ) Lr ( هايس گنز ، ) Sr ( گنز و درز ) Yr ( رد 124 پيتونژ مدنگ ناريا يلوكلوم ياهرگناشن زا هدافتسا اب تفرگ رارق يسررب دروم . زاExpand
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Phenotypic and Molecular Characterization of Wheat Leaf Rust Resistance Gene Lr34 in Iranian Wheat Cultivars and Advanced Lines
Lr34 is a vital gene in developing resistance to leaf rust, stripe rust, and powdery mildew of wheat. Providing simultaneous resistance to various pathogens has made this gene valuable in breedingExpand
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Evaluation of Resistance of some Barley Cultivars and Advanced Lines to Covered Smut (Ustilago hordei) and Comparison of Inoculation Methods for Artificial Infection in Field
هب هنيشوپ نودب ماقرا اصوصخ وج ماقرا زا يرايسب تيساسح هب هجوت اب راميب ي و تخس كهايس اب هجوت هـب نـيا هك داجيا يگدولآ يعونصم اب رذب لماع يراميب تمواقم يبايزرا يارب رايسب راوشد تسا و شور ياه هب راكExpand
Economic returns from the foliar fungicide application to control leaf rust in winter wheat cultivars in southwest of Iran (Khuzestan Province)
Abstract Leaf rust is responsible for most economically important wheat disease with yield losses. Growers usually use fungicides once or twice a year to control wheat leaf rust in Iran (KhuzestanExpand