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IntEx: A Syntactic Role Driven Protein-Protein Interaction Extractor for Bio-Medical Text
In this paper, we present a fully automated extraction system, named IntEx, to identify gene and protein interactions in biomedical text. Our approach is based on first splitting complex sentencesExpand
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Boosting item keyword search with spreading activation
Most keyword search engines return directly matching keyword phrases. However, publishers cannot anticipate all possible ways in which users would search for the items in their documents. In fact,Expand
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Analyzing Sentiment Markers Describing Radical and Counter-Radical Elements in Online News
In this study, we aim to obtain “natural groupings” of 151 local non-government organizations and institutions mentioned in a news archive of 77,000 articles spanning a decade (May 1999 to Jan 2010)Expand
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BioEve: Bio-Molecular Event Extraction from Text Using Semantic Classification and Dependency Parsing
In this paper, we present BioEve a fully automated event extraction system for bio-medical text. It first semantically classifies each sentence to the class type of the event mentioned in theExpand
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Tracking terrorism news threads by extracting event signatures
With the humongous amount of news stories published daily and the range of ways (RSS feeds, blogs etc) to disseminate them, even an expert at tracking new developing stories can feel the informationExpand
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Semantic classification and dependency parsing enabled automated bio-molecular event extraction from text
The last two decades of invigorating research in the area of human genome sequencing marked the beginning of large-scale data collection. Much of the valuable knowledge gained is found in publishedExpand
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DataRover: An Automated System for Extracting Product Information From Online Catalogs
The increasing number of e-commerce Web sites on the Web introduces numerous challenges in organizing and searching the product information across multiple Web sites. This problem is furtherExpand
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BioEve Search: A Novel Framework to Facilitate Interactive Literature Search
Background. Recent advances in computational and biological methods in last two decades have remarkably changed the scale of biomedical research and with it began the unprecedented growth in both theExpand
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Genomic Information Retrieval Through Selective Extraction and Tagging by the ASU-BioAL Group
In this paper we describe the approach used by the Arizona State University BioAI group for the ad-hoc retrieval task of the TREC Genomics Track 2005. We pre-process TREC query expression by addingExpand
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Extracting Protein-Protein Interactions from MEDLINE Using Syntactic Roles
With rapid growth in genomics research in last decade, amount of information a biomedical researcher has to keep track of and understand has increased tremendously. We present a fully automatedExpand
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