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Health by association? Social capital, social theory, and the political economy of public health.
It is argued that this framework helps to reconcile three perspectives on the efficacy of social capital, incorporating a broader reading of history, politics, and the empirical evidence regarding the mechanisms connecting types of network structure and state-society relations to public health outcomes.
The state of social capital: Bringing back in power, politics, and history
Cet article developpe une perspective historique des determinants du capital social aux Etats-Unis, en s'appuyant sur les travaux de Robert Putnam et de Michael Woolcock. En particulier, il
The Importance of Social Intervention in Britain's Mortality Decline c.1850–1914: a Re-interpretation of the Role of Public Health
A controlled melt system for starting up a deep fat fryer using pulses of heat for melting newly packed or solidified fat therein without overheating or burning. Fry temperature once attained is
The idea of demographic transition and the study of fertility change: a critical intellectual history.
The position is argued that progress in the further study of fertility change rests on a reappraisal of the recent intellectual history of demography. Principally recognition needs to be given to the
The population health approach in historical perspective.
  • S. Szreter
  • Political Science, Economics
    American journal of public health
  • 1 March 2003
The rise of a "neoliberal" agenda, denigrating the role of government, has once again brought to the fore the importance of prevention and a population health approach to map and publicize the health impacts of this new phase of "global" economic growth.
Economic Growth, Disruption, Deprivation, Disease, and Death: On the Importance of the Politics of Public Health for Development
OV1ER THE LONG TERM the processes of rapid economic growth seem to be strongly correlated with improvements in the prosperity and health of a society. Hence derives the commonplace notion that
The Genesis of the Registrar-General's Social Classification of Occupations
Those empirical sociologists in Britain who are concerned with social classification have tended to avoid any detailed evaluation of the long-established and ubiquitous official system. Such a