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Effect of Li2O on structure and optical properties of lithium bismosilicate glasses
Abstract Bismuth–silicate glasses containing lithium oxide having composition xLi2O·(85 − x)Bi2O3·15SiO2 (5 ≤ x ≤ 45 mol%) were prepared by melt quench technique. Density, molar volume and glassExpand
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Metrics Used In Component Based Software Engineering
Component Based Software Engineering is a big concern in Industry. Expand
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Photocatalytic Degradation of Bisphenol-A using N, Co Codoped TiO2 Catalyst under Solar Light
Advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) including heterogeneous photocatalysis has proven as one of the best technique for waste-water treatment. Photocatalytic process using semiconductor like TiO2Expand
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Influence of Nb2O5 on the structure, optical and electrical properties of alkaline borate glasses
Abstract Glasses with composition x Nb 2 O 5 ·(30 −  x )MO·70B 2 O 3 [where M = Ca, Sr, Ba] have been prepared by using normal melt-quench technique. The density ( D ), molar volume ( V M ),Expand
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Stabilization of Clay Soil using RBI Grade-81
Clay soil deposit occurs in the arid and semi-arid regions of the world and is problematic to the engineering structure because of their tendency to heave during the wet season. Clays exhibitExpand
Hybrid Procedure For Multi-Publicity Picture Fusion Headquartered Completely On Weighted Imply And Sparse Illustration
We recommend a hybrid process for multi-publicity photo fusion in this paper. The fusion blends some photographs taking pictures the same scene with different publicity occasions and produces a highExpand
Hybrid fuzzy-PSO based approach to detect intrusion in networks