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Antidiabetic effect of Punica granatum flowers: effect on hyperlipidemia, pancreatic cells lipid peroxidation and antioxidant enzymes in experimental diabetes.
The results suggest that PG could be used, as a dietary supplement, in the treatment of chronic diseases characterized by atherogenous lipoprotein profile, aggravated antioxidant status and impaired glucose metabolism and also in their prevention. Expand
Coordination of copperpolyamine complex with imidazoles potentiates its superoxide dismutase mimicking activity and abolishes its interaction with albumin
The results suggest that coordination of polyamine copper complex with imidazoles/pyridine may abolish their binding affinity for albumin while potentiating their SOD mimicking activity. Expand
Crude extracts of hepatoprotective plants, Solanum nigrum and Cichorium intybus inhibit free radical-mediated DNA damage.
The presence of plant extracts of Solanum nigrum and Cichorium intybus in the reaction mixture containing calf thymus DNA and free radical generating system protect DNA against oxidative damage toExpand
Anti-tumor promoting activity of Asteracantha longifolia against experimental hepatocarcinogenesis in rats.
Assimilation of the quantitative foci data together with the findings of the modulation of tumor promoting markers give ample evidence to the anti-tumor promoting potential of A. longifolia seeds against chemically-induced hepatocarcinogenesis in Wistar rats. Expand
Ellagic acid ameliorates nickel induced biochemical alterations: diminution of oxidative stress
The data suggests that ellagic acid act as an effective chelating agent in suppressing nickel-induced renal and hepatic biochemical alterations and maintains cell membrane integrity through sequestration of metal ions from the extracellular fluid. Expand
Evaluation of the efficacy of Lawsonia alba in the alleviation of carbon tetrachloride-induced oxidative stress.
The hepatoprotective activity of the 50% ethanol extract of the bark of Lawsonia alba syn. L. inermis was investigated against the carbon tetrachloride-induced oxidative stress. Pretreatment of ratsExpand
Steroidal constituents of rice (Rryza sativa) hulls with algicidal and herbicidal activity against blue-green algae and duckweed.
In bioassays with blue-green algae and duckweed, the efficacy of bioactivity of the two new compounds linearly increased as the concentration increased from 0.3 to 300 IgM, and compound 2 appears to have a strong potential for the environmentally friendly control of weed and algae that are harmful to water-logged rice. Expand
New sterol esters from the flowers of Punica granatum Linn.
Two new β-sitosterol esters have been isolated from the flowers of Punica granatum Linn, along with the known compounds n-tricosane, n-heptacosanyl n-hexanoate, and olean-5,12-dien-3β-ol-28-oic acid, on the basis of spectral data and chemical analyses. Expand
New flavonoids from Punica granatum flowers
Two new flavonoids were isolated from the flowers of Punica granatum Linn. (Punicaceae) along with the known compounds ellagic acid, gallic acid, sucrose, and gallic acid glycoside. The structures ofExpand