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Insect inventories in a mango‐based agroforestry area in Bangladesh: foraging behavior and performance of pollinators on fruit set
This study provides baseline information on insect abundance in an agroforestry system, which stresses the importance of conservation of beneficial insects, and revealed statistically identical and higher abundance than other pollinators. Expand
New method to stimulate the onset of Bombus terrestris (Hymenoptera: Apidae) rearing: Using worker helpers in the presence of frozen pupae
This study showed that using frozen old pupae is a good stimulator for colony foundation in the presence of four bumblebee worker helpers. Expand
Effect of weed extracts against pulse beetle, Callosobruchus chinensis L. (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) of mung bean
Among the tested weeds, ghagra (4g/100 ml) showed better efficacy against C. chinensis compared to other tested extracts and may be suggested to control pulse beetle and protection of mung bean grains. Expand
Role of weather parameters on seasonal abundance of insects in a mangobased agroforestry in Bangladesh, with particular reference to mango hopper
Temperature was found to be the most important effect which individually contributed 31.3% on population abundance of total insect species and mango hopper and 29.9% on mango hoppers in Bangladesh during January to June 2013. Expand
Impact of insect‐resistant transgenic rice on above‐ground non‐target arthropods in Korea
Results obtained in two consecutive years from two non‐genetically modified rice ecosystems and a Bt-T rice ecosystem showed that the Bt‐T rice had no significant negative impacts on the above‐ground insect and spider communities. Expand
A New Species of the Genus Gergithoides Schumacher (Hemiptera: Fulgoroidea: Issidae) from Korea
A new species is provided that was previously misidentified as Gergithoides carinatifrons Schumacher, 1915 from Korea that can be easily distinguished from the latter by the structure of lateral sclerotized processes of aedeagus, apical process of genital styles, and other characters. Expand
Taxonomic revision of the subfamily Kermesiinae (Hemiptera: Meenoplidae) from Korea
The planthopper subfamily Kermesiinae is revised taxonomically from Korea. Two genera and three species have been recorded in the Korean fauna, among which one species is new to science: NisiaExpand
Effects of photoperiod and hibernation duration on the lifespan of Bombus terrestris
Hibernation durations of 2.5 and 3.0 months and a photoperiod of LD 8:16 resulted in a significantly longer lifespan of B. terrestris. Expand
First finding of a quarantine pest, Atherigona (Acritochaeta) orientalis Schiner (Diptera: Muscidae), in Korea
The invasive quarantine pest fly, Atherigona (Acritochaeta) orientalis Schiner, is observed for the first time in tomato greenhouses in Gyeongsangbuk‐do, Korea and Allium tuberosum is listed as a new host crop for this species. Expand