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Genome-wide expression profiling of maize in response to individual and combined water and nitrogen stresses
This study suggests that the molecular signature of a specific combination of stresses on the transcriptome might be as unique as the impact of individual stresses, and underlines the difficulty to extrapolate conclusions obtained from the study of individual stress responses to more complex settings. Expand
Model-based classification via mixtures of multivariate t-distributions
This novel four-member family of four mixture models, based on mixtures of multivariate t-distributions, gives good classification performance, even when compared with more established techniques. Expand
Clustering gene expression time course data using mixtures of multivariate t-distributions
Abstract Clustering gene expression time course data is an important problem in bioinformatics because understanding which genes behave similarly can lead to the discovery of important biologicalExpand
Variational Bayes approximations for clustering via mixtures of normal inverse Gaussian distributions
Parameter estimation for model-based clustering using a finite mixture of normal inverse Gaussian distributions is achieved through variational Bayes approximations through a substantial departure from the traditional EM approach. Expand
The LASSO and Sparse Least Squares Regression Methods for SNP Selection in Predicting Quantitative Traits
Application of the LASSO and SPLS methods for selecting SNPs that predict quantitative traits can be effective but are limited by some conditions; both methods perform similarly overall but each exhibit advantages over the other in given situations. Expand
Proanthocyanidin accumulation and transcriptional responses in the seed coat of cranberry beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) with different susceptibility to postharvest darkening
Proanthocyanidin oxidation is a pre-requisite for postharvest-related seed coat darkening in dicotyledonous seeds and production in cranberry bean seed coats was strongly associated with an increase in PvANR1 transcripts during seed maturation. Expand
Targeted quantitative profiling of metabolites and gene transcripts associated with 4-aminobutyrate (GABA) in apple fruit stored under multiple abiotic stresses
Targeted quantitative profiling of metabolites and transcripts was conducted to monitor glutamate- and polyamine-derived 4-aminobutyrate production and its subsequent catabolism to succinate or 4-hydroxybutyrate in apple fruit stored under multiple abiotic stresses, suggesting both transcriptional and biochemical mechanisms are associated with 4-AMButyrates metabolism. Expand
SNP selection for predicting a quantitative trait
The objectives of the study are to identify a subset of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) markers that are associated with a particular trait and to construct a model that can best predict the value of the trait given the genotypic information of the SNPs using a three-step strategy. Expand
Clustering and classification via cluster-weighted factor analyzers
A novel family of sixteen CWFA models is introduced for model-based clustering and classification, and the alternating expectation-conditional maximization algorithm, for maximum likelihood estimation of the parameters of all models in the family, is described. Expand
Cluster-weighted $$t$$t-factor analyzers for robust model-based clustering and dimension reduction
Artificial and real data show that these cluster-weighted models have very good clustering performance and that the algorithm is able to recover the parameters very well. Expand