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Beyond the Canon
Introduction: Beyond the Canon: History in a Globalizing World S.Stuurman & M.Grever PART 1: THE FRAMING OF HISTORICAL KNOWLEDGE Who Needs a Canon? P.Seixas Plurality, Narrative and the HistoricalExpand
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On Intellectual Innovation and the Methodology of the History of Ideas
Mark Bevir's Logic of the History of Ideas is discussed, focusing on the problematic of intellectual innovation. Sharing Bevir's anti-foundationalist position and his Wittgensteinian view ofExpand
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The Canon of the History of Political Thought: Its Critique and a Proposed Alternative
After a brief review of the origins and the nature of the received canon of the history of political thought, this article discusses the critiques that have been leveled at it over the past decades.Expand
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The Voice of Thersites: Reflections on the Origins of the Idea of Equality
In the first century BC the Greek historian Diodorus Siculus observed that there were kings before the discovery of writing. ' Diodorus was right: the shared reflection about the human condition madeExpand
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François Poulain de la Barre and the Invention of Modern Equality
Preface Notes on Spelling Introduction: Origins of the Enlightenment 1. The Making of a Philosopher 2. The Feminist Impulse 3. Cartesian Equality 4. The Power of Education 5. Reason and Authority 6.Expand
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The Invention of Humanity: Equality and Cultural Difference in World History
Searching for professional reading resources? We have the invention of humanity equality and cultural difference in world history to check out, not just review, yet also download them or even reviewExpand
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Introduction: Old canons and new histories
Over the past decades many politicians and pundits have blamed new trends in historical research and teaching for the weakening of national identity in the Western world. In the United States,Expand
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Cosmopolitan Egalitarianism in the
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