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Pallid sturgeon size structure, condition, and growth in the Missouri River Basin
Summary We synthesized wild and stocked pallid sturgeon Scaphirhynchus albus capture data collected in four recovery areas of the Missouri River during 1998–2007, providing the first basin-wideExpand
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Precision of age estimates derived from scales and pectoral fin rays of blue sucker
Evaluating the response of fish populations to environmental influences requires precise age estimation. Pectoral fin rays and scales were compared to determine which is more precise for estimatingExpand
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Updated assessment of hatchery-reared pallid sturgeon (Forbes & Richardson, 1905) survival in the lower Missouri River
Summary As pallid sturgeon, Scaphirhynchus albus (Forbes & Richardson, 1905), natural reproduction and recruitment remains very minimal in the lower Missouri River from Gavins Point Dam (riverExpand
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The Status of Fishes in the Missouri River, Nebraska: Blue Sucker Cycleptus elongatus
Blue Sucker Cycleptus elongatus are a large-bodied, benthic fish that are considered an indicator species for riverine health. A com - bination of historic commercial fishing and anthropogenicExpand
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The Status of Fishes in the Missouri River, Nebraska: Sauger (Sander canadensis)
Early fisheries investigation of the Missouri River fish community indicated that Sauger were common throughout Nebraska, in cluding all major Missouri River tributaries. However due to many factors,Expand
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The Status of Fishes in the Missouri River, Nebraska: Shovelnose Sturgeon (Scaphirhynchus platorynchus)
The Shovelnose Sturgeon Scaphirhynchus platorynchus remains the most abundant riverine sturgeon species in North American despite the anthropogenic modifications that have occurred throughout theirExpand
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Burbot Lota lota
The burbot is the only member of the Gadiforme order that spends its entire life in freshwater. Burbot spawning behavior is unique among freshwater fishes, spawning mid-winter under the ice. TheyExpand
The Status of Fishes in the Missouri River, Nebraska: Lake Sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens)
Lake Sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens) occurrences in the Missouri River along Nebraska’s eastern border are historically sporadic and rare. Presently, the wild Lake Sturgeon population in this riverExpand