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Stem Cells Derived from Lipoma and Adipose Tissue—Similar Mesenchymal Phenotype but Different Differentiation Capacity Governed by Distinct Molecular Signature
It is shown that both LDSCs and ADSCs were mesenchymal stem cells with similar phenotype and stemness state but different molecular basis for potential differentiation, and that differentiation capacity of LDSCs was significantly lower compared to ADSCs.
Comparisons of advantages and disadvantages of commercially available gingival retraction agents are carried out and the possibility of using sympathomimetic vasoconstrictors (tetrahydrosolin and oxymetasolin) for gingivals retraction is examined.
Ovarian-Adnexal Reporting Data System Magnetic Resonance Imaging (O-RADS MRI) Score for Risk Stratification of Sonographically Indeterminate Adnexal Masses
Applying the O-RADS MRI score in clinical practice may allow a tailored, patient-centered approach for adnexal masses that are sonographically indeterminate, preventing unnecessary surgery, less extensive surgery, or fertility preservation when appropriate, while ensuring preoperative detection of lesions with a high likelihood of malignancy.
Blunt chest trauma--an audit of injuries diagnosed by the MDCT examination.
Blunt chest trauma is a significant problem affecting predominantly males in their forties and it is usually caused by a motor vehicle accident, in case of pneumomediastinum or mediastinal haematoma, the use of 3D reconstructions is advised for diagnosing possible tracheobronchial ruptures and thoracic aorta injuries.
Comparative Study of the Biological Activity of Allantoin and Aqueous Extract of the Comfrey Root
The results indicate that the biological activity of the comfrey root extract cannot be attributed only to allantoin but is also likely the result of the interaction of different compounds present in AECR, which may have a great application in the treatment of skin irritation.
The Effect of Conditioned Media of Stem Cells Derived from Lipoma and Adipose Tissue on Macrophages’ Response and Wound Healing in Indirect Co-culture System In Vitro
Results of this study suggest that LDSCs secrete soluble factors like ADSCs and therefore may have a potential for application in regenerative medicine, due to immunomodulatory and wound healing activity, and indicate that Mormonism-derived stem cells through secretome may interact with other cells in lipoma tissue.
[Diagnostic and biostimulating lasers].
Data is presented regarding the application of diagnostic and biostimulating laser instruments in medicine, and stimulatory and regulatory mechanisms of the cell metabolism are involved in the wound epitelization, reduction of edema and inflammation and reestablishement of arterial, venous and lymph microcirculation and consequently inducing better tissue nutrition.